The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 546

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 546 – As Darryl spoke, he knelt and continuously knocked his forehead against the ground. His forehead started bleeding in a blink of an eye but he could not feel the pain.

Zoran felt sorry for Darryl and quickly held him up. He turned, looked toward Yvonne, and could not help being stunned.

Zoran looked at Yvonne with shock and disbelief. “ Was this lady’s spirit energy drained?”

“Godfather, is there a way to save her?” Darryl anxiously asked with an expression of expectance!

Zoran’s expression was uneasy as he spoke solemnly, “Rumor has it there was an evil technique centuries ago called the Dark Method. After cultivating, one will have to a****b the spirit energy of another person. Could this lady have been injured by that evil technique?”

Zoran could not help but sigh and continued, “This technique is extremely insidious. Once a person’s spirit energy has been absorbed, they’ll be exhausted and quickly approach the end of their life. No one can save them.”


Darryl trembled with his eyes instantly turning red as he cried and knelt on the ground. “Godfather, you have to find a way. Please, I’m begging you…”

Zoran felt helpless as he lifted Darryl. “Darryl, I really don’t have a way of helping you. There’s no way to survive after having one’s spirit energy drained. Judging by this lady’s condition, I can estimate that she’ll have until tonight to live. I think…you should prepare for her departure.”


At that moment, Darryl felt as if he had lost all his energy, and dejectedly sat on the floor.

If even his godfather could not help Yvonne then there was truly no solution.

At that moment, Yvonne barely opened her mouth and forced a smile. “Darryl… I feel a little tired, I wanna rest for a moment.”

Darryl felt a lump in his throat and nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll take you to the room for a rest.” He then carried Yvonne after finishing his words.

Zoran suddenly called out to Darryl as he approached the hall’s entrance. “Darryl, spend time with this lady. Ask if she has any unfulfilled wishes Zoran felt bad before he could finish his sentence and simply sighed.

Darryl silently nodded his head and carried Yvonne back to his room.

Once in the room, Daryl gently placed Yvonne on the bed and carefully covered her with the sheets.

There was a smile on Yvonne’s pale face as she held onto Darryl’s hand.

“Darryl, do you still remember the trip we had? ” Yvonne asked softly. She was extremely weak but her face was brimming with a gentle smile.

“You single-handedly caught the shark during that trip. You were so cool,” said Yvonne softly.

Yvonne knew she would not stay long in this world and did not want to see Darryl suffer, thus she brought up a more relaxing topic.

Darryl remained silent and simply passionately stared at Yvonne.

Yvonne immersed herself in her sweet memories and softly continued, “Dax’s wife was also p******d during that trip and everyone was so anxious. You refined a pill on the spot despite everyone laughing at you, but everyone was dumbfounded when you actually refined the pill.”

At that moment, Yvonne stared at Darryl with such adoration at heart that it even overshadowed her pale face. “Did you know from that day onward, you’ re my mighty and manly hero? No rich kid could ever compare to you.”

Yvonne’s breathing turned rapid from the excitement.

Darryl was suddenly frightened and quickly said to Yvonne, “Don’t talk, get some rest.”

Darryl felt a tugging sensation in his heart as he spoke.

‘Yvonne only has a dozen or so hours left to live and I can’t even save her. What kind of hero am I? What kind of man am I?’ Darryl thought.

Yvonne shook her head with lights glimmering in her eyes. “I still have a lot I want to say to you that even a lifetime won’t be enough to finish them all. If I don’t say it now, I’ll never get the chance in the future.”


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