The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 536

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 536 – “What secret?” Darryl was suddenly intrigued and sat by the bed as he stroked the Cult Mistress’s hair.

Monica faintly laughed and flirtatiously said, “Turn off the lights and come under the sheets, then we’ll talk.”

“Uh…” Darryl swallowed his saliva, took off his clothes, and turned off the lights before going under the sheets.

“So what’s the secret?” Darryl asked softly in the dark with his curiosity fully aroused.

Monica gently held Darryl’s hand under the sheets and said, “I heard the Kunlun Sect has secretly submitted to the New World.”


Kunlun Sect already submitted to the New World!?

Darryl sighed. It would cause a great uproar in the martial arts world if this secret was revealed.

Kunlun Sect was one of the Six Orthodox Sects spanning over a thousand years from their First Sect Master and having more than a dozen generations of Sect Masters until recent times!

They were an honorable sect that was widely revered in the martial arts world.

Never had Darryl thought the Kunlun Sect would secretly submit to the New World.

Monica chuckled and continued, “Kunlun Sect’s Sect Master submitted because the New World Emperor gave him a secret manual called the Dark Method.”

“The Dark Method?”

Darryl quietly whispered the name to himself. It sounded rather powerful

Monica said, “This Dark Method is an evil technique that’s forbidden to cultivate by the martial arts world a long time ago. It’s said that to properly cultivate this technique, one would have to a****b a woman’s spirit energy every day! A woman who has her spirit energy absorbed won’t be able to live for over a day. This evil technique has been lost for many years. I never thought it’d emerge again. I’ m afraid to even imagine how many women will d*e after having their spirit energy absorbed.”

’This technique is too insidious as it needs to a****b a woman’s spirit energy every day. Doesn’t that mean a woman will be sacrificed daily for Kunlun Sect’s Sect Master?’

Darryl sighed again.

The dignified Kunlun Sect’s Sect Master deserved much ridicule for cultivating an evil secret manual and at the same time becoming a traitor to the World Universe.

Monica implored, “Darryl, keep the Kunlun Sect’s betrayal matter to yourself. You must not let anyone know as only the Cult Master and I know about this matter in the entire World Universe. The New World Emperor would immediately suspect me if this information leaked out.”

Monica then worriedly said, “Our main priority now is to find a way for me to safely leave Elysian Island. We can’t create any more problems.”

Darryl nodded. “Don’t worry, Mistress. I won’t mention this matter to anyone…”

Before Darryl finished his words, the Cult Mistress had already thrown herself into his arms and quickly followed up with a k**s.

Kunlun Sect.

One of the Six Sects was located on the summit of the Kunlun Mountains.

At that moment, Sect Master Leroy Henderson sat cross-legged at Kunlun Sect’s main hall as he concentrated on cultivating the Dark Method!

Leroy treasured the secret manual ever since receiving it and studied it every day!

This secret manual was truly amazing, Leroy’s power has been increasing after cultivation!

However, there was a drawback to this secret manual. Leroy had to a****b a woman’s spirit energy daily! Otherwise, he would d*e from intoxication.


Leroy suddenly opened his eyes as his face turned pale! He seemed to be in pain as it was about time to a****b another woman’s spirit energy!

“Master, hang on. I’m coming!”


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