The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 533

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 533 – Darryl nodded and did not ask further.

They arrived at Elysian Island two hours later.

It was late autumn, but Elysian Island was like a hidden paradise as its pleasant vibrantly colored exotic seaside plants could still be observed from a distance.

The Vermilion Peafowl knocked on the Cult Mistress ‘s room door and respectfully announced, “ Mistress, Darryl is here.”

Monica’s gentle voice came from the room as the Vermilion Peafowl finished her words. “Alright, let Darryl come in alone. Azure Dragon and Vermilion Peafowl, you may excuse yourselves.”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Vermilion Peafowl as she turned and left.

Darryl eventually opened the door and went in after seeing both of them had walked far away.


Darryl could not help but s*****w his saliva upon seeing the scene in front of him as he entered the room.

Monica wore a purple nightgown at that moment. Darryl found it hard to take his eyes off her s**y curves. The light makeup on her face only further enhanced her immeasurable beauty!

The Cult Mistress was exceptionally alluring to Darryl after not seeing her for a while.

“Mistress, you suddenly called me back out. Is it because you missed me?” Darryl said with a grin. He was getting bolder after his two previous intimate contacts with the Cult Mistress.

Monica blushed and flirtatiously rolled her eyes. “ Darryl, I’m still the Cult Mistress. You’re becoming more presumptuous with such disrespect to your superiors.”

Darryl was truly becoming more improper.

“Alright, alright. I shall obey your commands, ” Darryl’s smile faded away, and could not help but asked, “so why are you looking for me?”

Monica was the most rational woman that Darryl knew and she would not seek him without any reason.

Monica humphed as she stood up from the bed and walked to Darryl’s side before softly saying, “I want to ask you. If I’ve not sent someone to look for you, will you take the initiative to visit me?”

Darryl laughed upon hearing Monica’s tone and gave her a tight hug.

“I’ve been through a lot during the past few days. I almost died at the Six Sects’ hands and truly didn’t have time to come. Don’t be mad at me, Mistress,” whispered Darryl softly into Monica’s ears.

Darryl had not lied. Abbess Mother Serendipity’s a****k earlier caused him to lose his powers and he needed a considerable effort to recover from his injuries. He later on even discovered that Yvette was impersonating himself and this series of events kept Darryl busy. There was no time for his return back to Elysian Island.

Darryl would truly have visited the Cult Mistress if he had not been so busy. Strictly speaking, the Cult Mistress was the first woman he had been with after all.

Monica was concurrently shy and happy from Darryl ‘s sudden hug, but she pushed him away and softly said, “I-I’m not mad at you… I just miss you a lot…”

Monica completely flushed upon finishing her own words!

How could she say such embarrassing things as the high and mighty Cult Mistress? However, she could not help but let her proud demeanor down with Darryl around.

Darryl wrapped his arms around the Cult Mistress’s waist and hugged her tightly again upon hearing those words!

“Ah…” Monica’s whole body fell into Darryl’s arms from the inertia as she exclaimed.

“What’s wrong? Did I hugged you too tightly and hurt you?” Darryl softly asked.

“I-I’m fine…” Monica tightly bit her lip until it was about to bleed. “But if you are to hug me with such force, I-I’m afraid you’ll hurt the child inside me…”


At that moment, Darryl felt a buzzing in his head! The child inside Monica!?


“It’s our child,” said Monica with a faint blushing smile.


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