The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 516

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 516 – No customer should access the security control room. Megan rotated her wrist, and a silver needle appeared in her hands. She flipped the needle, and it cut off the wire that was connected to the security control room.

Megan had perfect knowledge with security cameras as she dealt with them in the cases daily.

That was the latest model of the security system; one only needed to cut the wire, and the entire security system would collapse and stop working.

” Darryl, I am sorry. I do not want to do this, but I have to obey my Master’s order. I don’t have a choice.” Megan walked toward the bar exit as she mumbled to herself. She sat in her car and took out the Supreme Mystery Scripture and the Celestial Silk Worm Amor.

“Darryl, my master said that the Supreme Mystery Scripture is very important. It cannot be on anyone with evil intention.” Megan bit her lips and mumbled further, “You are connected to the Eternal Life Palace Sect. We shall keep these scriptures and armor on your behalf so that the Eternal Life Palace Sect would not be able to get them.”

When she thought about it like that, Megan felt slightly better. Then she drove off in her car.

At the Blue Dream bar.

Darryl woke up and shouted, “Come on; let’s continue drinking.”

He was stunned when he opened his eyes.

Sh*t! Where was everybody? He was the only one left there. He felt embarrassed as he was drunk in front of the ladies.

Darryl slapped his forehead; he felt unwell. Then he felt as if something was not right.

‘Sh*t! Who removed my shirt?’ Darryl looked for his shirt. He only managed to find his shirt and jacket.

Where was the Supreme Mystery Scripture? Darryl shook his head. His Celestial Silk Worm Armor was gone too!

The Supreme Mystery Scripture was a gift from the elder Zion.

To get the scripture, Darryl had to join the battle at the Lion Slaughter Conference; he almost died from Megan’s a****k.

He had used his life to exchange for the scripture.

How could it be gone?

The Celestial Silk Worm Armor had protected him countless times. He would have been d**d if he had not had it. He could not afford to lose it.

Darryl panicked. He sweated profusely as he searched the corners of the room, but he could not find it!


Darryl was angry and worried; he walked speedily to the reception counter. “Hurry, hurry, let me see the security camera footage.”

The scripture must have been stolen while he was drunk.

When she realized that Darryl was in a panic, the lady at the reception counter knew Darryl must have lost something important. She quickly retrieved the footage from the corridor.

It was not unusual for people to lose their belongings in the bar as there were too many people there.

Darryl opened his eyes wide and stared at the screen carefully.

“What kind of security camera footage is this?” Darryl shouted.

The footage was pitch black; he could not see anything at all.

“Sir, about this…” The lady at the reception counter apologetic. “I am sorry, Sir, maybe the security camera is faulty, it was still working fine yesterday.”

Darryl was worried, he could not hear any other explanation. Then he walked out of the bar. He sent a text to Megan to ask about her whereabouts.

Megan was driving when she saw Darryl’s text. She hesitated before she replied, “An emergency came up, so I had to leave.”

When Darryl saw her reply, he asked about Circe and her friends. Why did they leave too? He was the only one left behind.

Megan replied shortly, “I am not sure. I left earlier than them; I am not sure when they left.”

Darryl sighed as he held his fist tightly; he tried to remember everything  that had happened that night.


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