The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 515

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 515 – Evelyn kept her silence; she felt upset.

‘Just keep doing it. Let him get drunk and not wake up anymore.”

The ladies continued to pressure him; Darryl’s lace was red after countless drinks. There were dozens of empty bottles around his feet.

Finally, Darryl could not take it anymore; he fell asleep on the table.

The few ladies smiled as they shook Darryl’s shoulders. “Darryl, wake up. Let’s drink some more.

“He is drunk already?” “That’s no fun.”

A few ladies stood up and said, “Circe, let’s go. He is so weak; it’s no fun at all. Let’s go for a movie.” Then they headed out of the room.

Circe felt sorry; she said to Megan, “Megan, I’m sorry. My friends are too playful. Darryl is drunk, did we interrupt both of you?”

Megan waved her hands. ” No worries. We’re only here for a drink. Go ahead with your movies. I will send Darryl home.”

” Fine, we shall make a move then.” Circe nodded and left the place with the rest of her friends.

Megan and Darryl were the only ones left in the room. Darryl was still asleep on the table.

Megan bit her lips as she looked closely at Darryl. She felt complicated.

She saw a book in Darryl’s jacket. It was the Supreme Mystery Scripture. It seemed like Darryl had been keeping the scripture with him all the time.

Megan sighed. Her master’s words played in her mind.

She had already hart Darryl once; she almost took his life at the Lion Slaughter Conference too. He had only gotten better, but she was about to steal from him.

However, her master would be very disappointed if she could not get the scripture.

Megan clenched her teeth and reached out to grab the Supreme Mystery Scripture.

When she saw the words’ Supreme Mystery

Script are’ on the cover, she was delighted and yet she felt guilty.

Her attention was drawn to the Celestial Silk Worm Armor. It was apparent that Darryl was wearing it.

The armor shone under the dim lights of the bar; she had seen it at the Lion Slaughter Conference.

Nothing could penetrate the armor.

Megan bit her lips. She did not know what was in her mind when she removed Darryl’s shirt and took the Celestial Silk Worm Armor.

After she removed the armor, she could see Darryl’s muscular body.

There were dozens of scars on his body; they were wounds from the past. They made Darryl look even more manly.

Megan held the Celestial Silk Worm Armor in her hands and admired Darryl’s body.

That was the first time she was so close to a man. She had not even seen Kent’s b**e body. Her face was scarlet red, and her heart raced. After a few minutes, she finally gathered her mind. Just like a fugitive on the run, she took both the Supreme Mystery Scripture and the Celestial Silk Worm Armor, shoved them into her handbag and quickly left the room.


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