The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 514

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 514 – On the other end of the call, Darryl hummed as he

walked out of the washroom and back into the room.

When he reached the corridor outside the room, he heard a familiar voice.


He looked at where the voice came from and saw a room of beautiful ladies; they were smiling and chatting.

It was Circe, Evelyn, and a few of their friends.

Circe stood up and smiled. ” Darryl, you are here. What a coincidence!” She left after her gathering earlier to meet with her friends and saw Darryl unexpectedly.

Everyone looked at Darryl. “Isn’t he the dumb man?”

“I still have the picture of him washing Evelyn’s feet.”

All the chaos made Darryl feel embarrassed. Sh*t! They still remembered about the feet-washing incident.

“Darryl, sit down.” Circe stood up.

Back at the beach, when the Coastline Sect people wanted to bully her, Darryl was the only one who stood up to them. Circe appreciated his help.

Not long ago too, Darryl had released Evelyn’s grandfather. She had yet to repay his favor; hence,

Circe wanted to invite Darryl for a drink.

“Sorry, I can’t. Megan is waiting for me in the other room.” Darryl smiled and politely rejected her.

Megan was rather famous in Donghai City as she was the Criminal Investigation Team Leader; everyone had heard about her.

“Let’s invite Megan to join as well, shall we? ” Circe asked excitingly.

When she saw what had happened, Evelyn stomped her feet. “Circe, we are here for fun, why should we invite the useless man?”

Evelyn was annoyed to see Darryl; how could she have a drink with him? Darryl made her call him Brother before he released her grandfather. How shameful was that?

Circe smiled. “What a coincidence! Let’s sit together. Is that okay, Darryl?”

Darryl could not reject her anymore, so he nodded and brought Megan to their room to have a few drinks with Circe and her friends.

Darryl was lucky that night. There were so many ladies in the room, and he was the only man. His eyes were so busy; he looked at the women one by one.

Megan’s face did not look good. Her master had given her an impossible task; she could hardly breathe.

After a few rounds, Darryl realized that he had drunk too much.

He had drunk a dozen bottles before that at the Oriental Pearl, and he had a few more with the ladies. His head was dizzy.

“Hey Darryl, can’t take it anymore?” one of the ladies asked as she looked at Darryl. “You are worse than us; drunk after only a few drinks.”

“Yes, Darryl. Finish your drink,” another one of the ladies said.

Everyone pressured Darryl to drink more as he was the only man there.

Darryl’s mind blanked; he could not reject the ladies. He drank one after another. He was so drunk that he did not know how to refuse anymore.

Finally, Circe could not stand it anymore. She said softly, “Enough, you all have to stop forcing him to drink, he has reached his limit.”

Darryl had no internal energy; it would be bad for his body if he drank too much.

Right after she spoke, one of her friends laughed. ” Hey, Circe, are you interested in Darryl?” All of the other ladies started to laugh at Circe.

Circe’s face was scarlet red; she did not know what to say.


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