The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 504

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 504 – The crowd shut their mouths when Yvette asked them to stop.

However, their gazes on Darryl were still filled with disdain.

“Oh, f*ck! Guys, look! Many boats are coming toward us!” someone from the crowd exclaimed.


The students shifted their gazes to the sea; they saw many huge boats on their way toward the shore with high speed!

The boats were filled with people with long swords!

“What? What’s happening?” Declan’s eyes bulged. The ships boats had already pulled into shore within a few seconds!

Almost 8oo men jumped to the shore swiftly and walked toward the students’ with great vigor. It was a great scene!

Two identical-looking bald men took the lead; they were clearly twins, and they had a mighty aura!

The twins were the first and second person in charge of the Coastline Sect.

The elder twin was called Ocean Powter, and the younger one was River Powter. Both of them were Level Three Martial Saints!

The students were shocked when they saw two Level Three Martial Saints led more than 700 men toward them. Their heartbeats accelerated, and their minds were blank!

Manny was right behind the Powter twins.

He looked like a mummy with bandages on the injuries on his head; he looked hilarious.

However, none of the students dared to laugh!

“Brother Ocean, that’s them! They refused to pay after renting our motorboats, and they also injured our brothers!” Manny shouted with hatred on his face!

Ocean Powter looked around coldly before he fixed his gaze on the students and said in a neutral tone, ” Speak How should we settle this?”

His intimidating aura was spread throughout the place!


The students gave each other helpless glances as Ocean’s domineering aura suffocated them! The terrified ones almost pissed their pants.

“What the f*ck! Are you deaf or mute? Can’t you hear what I said?” Ocean was angered when no one replied to his question. He walked to a student with a blade and kicked him swiftly!

It was a Level Three Martial Saint’s kick! That student coughed blood and yelped in pain on the ground.

Ocean raised an arm and held the blade against Declan’s neck before anyone else could react.

“F*cking h**l! Do I have to repeat myself? How should we settle this?” Ocean did not raise his voice, but Declan had begun to hyperventilate, and he had already sweated!

He knew that he would lose his life if he gave an unsatisfactory answer!

Ocean had a m*******s aura; Declan wondered how many lives he had taken before that!

“It was a misunderstanding, Boss. It was just a misunderstanding. We’re sorry.” Declan’s voice trembled.

Who would have thought that the Coastline Sect was such a powerful sect? They had more than 700 members.

No one had the guts to offend him!

“You’re sorry?” Ocean asked as he waved his arm. Hundreds of disciples from the Coastline Sect immediately besieged the students!

“Boss, we are sorry. Can’t we apologize for it?” Some of the male students broke down and started to apologize non-stop; their faces were pale with fear.

“Yes, it is just a misunderstanding…”

“It’s 700,000 bucks, right? We’ll pay, we’ll pay right now.” Declan’s mind was blank as he felt the cool sensation from the blade at his neck. He almost burst into tears. “Boss, we’ll transfer you the money right now…”

“700,000 bucks?”

Ocean grinned wickedly. “You are the first ones who dared to provoke the Coastline Sect! You can’t pay a cent less! Or we’ll f*ck you up!”

Then he raised the blade to strike Declan!

Some of the students shrieked in terror.; some even shut their eyes. They were afraid to look at the horrifying scene.


Every single strand of Declan’s hair stood up as terror took him when he saw the blade fell. He fell to his knees with a plop!

“Boss, I admit my mistake. Please don’t k**l me; it was my fault. Please have mercy, and I am willing to compensate as you wish!” Declan’s voice was hoarse. Even though it was extremely embarrassing to get down on his knees in front of all his classmates, ego was nothing compared to his life!

Ocean sighed emotionlessly. “As I wish? Fine. I’ll let you off if you give me zo billion bucks. Non- negotiable.”

Wait, what?

20 billion?


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