The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 501

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 501 – Manny smiled sinisterly; he did plan to trick the students! They looked rich, and he had to get their  money! He raised an eyebrow and said seriously, ” Let me calculate it for you. You rented 60 of my motor boats, and it ‘s 3000 bucks for each round. Since each of you rode 400 rounds, on average, the total is 72O,000 bucks.”


Each of them rode to 400 rounds?

Declan pointed at Manny as he shouted furiously, ” You’re an *sshole! We only rode for half an hour! How is it possible that we did 4oo rounds?”

Manny flicked his cigarette casually and said, “I said that you rode 400 rounds, so you rode 400 rounds.”

“F*ck you!” Declan cursed. It was apparent that Manny had twisted the truth.

“Let’s stop with the biillsh*t!” Manny got impatient; he took a machete from his jacket. He held it in one hand as he urged, “Well, are you paying or not, you f*cker?”

Ordinary people would have given in when they saw the machete.

However, the students were from wealthy families, and they were not cowards. Declan took a step forward and asked coldly, “What if I don’t want to?”

“You don’t want to?” That question triggered Manny, and he held the machete against Declan’s neck. “I’ll ask you again. Are you going to f*cking pay?”

The other students gasped. They panicked as they did not expect Manny to do that!

They could also see that Manny was a strong cultivator. If they were not mistaken, he was a Level One Master General!

“Boss.” Kent Hough walked toward him arrogantly. “Don’t be mad. My name is Kent, and I am from the Hough family in Donghai City; I’m sure you’ve heard of me. Can you put the machete down please?

Manny chuckled. ” I don’t care who you are; you’ve had your fun, so now you should pay up.”

His expression darkened. ” None of you will be able to leave if you do not pay.”


Many strong-built men rushed toward them in an instant! All of them were cultivators!

There were more than 70 of them, and their overflowing aura engulfed the students.

The tourists kept their distance as they could sense the tension!

The students were frightened.

It appeared that Manny was the local bully there; he had so many men!

Did they have to give in to him? The amount he requested was not large, but they did not want to be conned by him!

“I ‘m going to ask you one last time; do you have the money?” Manny shouted again. The machete scraped Declan’s neck with a slight force. A tiny wound formed and blood oozed from it.

The students gasped again.

They panicked; they did not expect Manny to do that!

“Pay! We’ll pay!” Declan shouted in panic; he was on the verge of tears.

‘F*ck! I wouldn’t want to risk my life for 720,000 bucks! We can’t provoke them; there are more than

70 men here…’

“That’s better. Transfer the money now!” Manny was impatient.

Declan felt conflicted as he used his cellphone with shaky hands. He was about to log in to his online banking app when Yvette Lane walked to him and grabbed his cellphone. “Why should we pay them? There are so many of us here! We shouldn’t be afraid of them!”

‘Why are these guys such cowards?’

Yvette stomped her foot in frustration, but the male students only gave each other glances; none of them dared to walk forward.

None of them wanted to be the hero in that situation. After all, Manny and those men had machetes with them.

“You— ” Yvette furrowed her brows tightly as she took another step forward. “We are not giving you any money!”

“Wow!” Manny raised an eyebrow as he stared at Yvette with interest!

‘F*ck! Look at her body, is she even human? A woman with a body like this can only be a goddess.’ Yvette looked exceptionally attractive, especially when she was drenched with seawater after some of their motorboat sports activities.

Manny suppressed his excitement as he laughed. “Hey lady, are you saying that you’re using my motorboats for free? It’s fine if you don’t want to pay. Why don’t you spend a night with me?”

Yvette quivered in anger; she bit her lip so hard that it started to bleed!


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