The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 499

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 499 – The guys looked at Yvette, Lily, and Circe hopefully. To be able to play with them would be a dream come true!

“Nah, it’s all too boring. I want something more exciting,” Yvette said.

“There is!” Declan interjected. He pointed to the motorboats along the shore and said, “Look, let’s have some fun with those motorboats!”

Yvette’s eyes brightened. She smiled and said, “Let’ s go!”

Manny Yaleman, who was the owner of the motorboat’s eyes lit up when he saw a group of students approaching him.

He asked, “Ladies and gentlemen, coald I interest you in renting a motorboat?”

Declan asked, “How much do you charge?”

Manny, with a cigarette in his mouth, gestured vaguely and said, “If’s only thirty for one round! Cheap!”

Only thirty bucks?

Declan flipped his hair, he said, “Since it’s so cheap, get all your motorboats here. I’m renting them all!”

Thirty per roimd is way too cheap for someone like him.

“Great, great!” Manny smiled and nodded.

Soon, the rest were on their motorboats playing in the sea. Yvette panicked. She asked awkwardly, “ How.. how do you start this thing?”

She struggled to balance on the motorboat, it was obvious this was her first time.

Declan and Kent got excited, this was their chance to get closer to her!

“Yvette, don’t worry. I’m here to teach you!”

“Me! I’m great at motorboats.” Many offered to help her out. This was their chance to impress Yvette.

Yvette thought for a while, then she said, “Alright, stop fighting, let Darryl help me out.”

What? They were all floored. They all looked at Darryl with envy and loathing.

What did Darryl do that he could have the opportunity to teach Yvette?

Darryl was stunned as well. ’F*ck, why me?’

Yvette laughed, she said to Declan and the rest, “You all have your boats. Darryl has nothing to do, why don’t you guys go have fun.”

It was the truth. No one cared about Darryl.

F*ck, if they knew they should not fight over who got to teach Yvette, then Darryl would not have been appointed by her!


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