The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 497

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 497 – Circe Newman!

“Lily, let’s go! Everyone’s waiting!” Circe grabbed Lily’s hand, she laughed.

’What? When did Circe become friends with Lily? They never crossed paths previously!’ thought Darryl.

Circe saw Darryl and gave him a polite smile. Although Darryl had lost his powers—and he might not be able to cultivate again—Circe never once looked down on him. In fact, she had a better impression of him, because he saved Evelyn’s grandfather.

“You two…are friends?” Darryl asked.

“All this happened a week ago,” Lily explained with a smile.

A week ago, there was a new student in Hexad’s, her name was Yvette Lane.

Yvette was extremely gorgeous and caused a scene just on the first day of school.

The boys in school nicknamed her and Circe the Ice and Fire Goddess. If Circe was like an icy glacier, Yvette was a volcano. She was passionate, friendly, and generous. She was sociable and maintained a good relationship with her school mates. In just a few days, she became one of the most popular girls in school.

Two of her best friends were Circe and Lily. Circe and Lily did not know each other initially but they had a mutual friend via Yvette. So, they slowly got to know each other and eventually became best friends.

“Where’s Yvette?” Lily asked Circe after explaining to Darryl about how she got to know Circe.

“I think she’s already at the beach. She sent me a message just now saying that almost everyone’s there. We should go.” Circe replied.

“Great!” Lily nodded. She held Circe and Darryl’s arm on each side and walked out of the mansion.

Darryl drove all the way. In an hour, they reached Gold Beach. Gold Beach was a popular travel destination in Donghai City, famous for its scenery, and its golden sand.

Usually, it’s filled with people. However, it was a working day, so there were not many there.

They could see from afar there was a group of people gathered at the beach, laughing and joking around. It was the Class Sixteen and Seventeen of Hexad’s.

Declan, Miles, and others were engrossed in a game of beach volleyball. There was an extremely attractive lady playing together with them. She had a great figure, if Darryl was not wrong, it should be Yvette Lane.

No wonder she and Circe were considered Goddesses—they were immensely beautiful.

“Yvette, yoar serve!” Declan passed the ball to her on purpose. Yvette laughed and hit the ball.

“She’s so gorgeous…” a few boys ogled.

“Look! Lily and Circe are here too!” someone exclaimed. Everybody looked toward them

When they saw Darryl next to them, they were baffled.

What is happening? How is he here?

Ever since the wedding, every family in Donghai City ganged up on Darryl. The Six orthodox sects wanted to capture him as well. Darryl was currently like a street rat, where everyone wanted to beat him up upon sight.

In Kent’s eyes, Darryl meant nothing. The fact that he has lost his powers and his corporation, he totally desemed it!

Declan taunted, “Darryl can’t practice cultivation now. So to survive, he has to continue living in Donghai City. After all, as a live-in son-in-law, he has at least two hundred bucks per day! Haha!”

A burst of laughter erupted.


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