The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 495

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 495 – Darryl was smart—he beat around the bush just because he wanted the Nine Day Yin Herb.

Ophelia did not believe a single word Darryl said about the weather. The Six orthodox sects could not even destroy Wicked Valley, how could he? So, no matter what she bets, Darryl was going to lose.

“Why not, if I lose, I will follow you wherever you go. I will be your obedient disciple, and do whatever you say.” Darryl laughed.

Ewan jumped and exclaimed, “What sort of bet is this? Could you be any less sincere?”

Ophelia glared at Darryl, she said, “Why not, if you lose, you give Rachel up to Ewan.”

“Great!” Darryl accepted immediately. He did not want Rachel one bit. Then he added, “Master, you have to take your word for it. The last time you promised to call me Master if I won the contest, yet you reneged on the deal.”

“Don’t worry. I promise you.” Ophelia was irritated at Darryl’s straightforwardness, why did he have to say that out in front of so many people?

At that, Darryl let out a sigh of relief. He made Zoran farewell, then left for Donghai City.

During the journey, he called Zephyr to lead his men and destroy l****d Valley. He even thought Zephyr how to crack the Formation.

Donghai City, The Lyndons.

Darryl finally got home after a few hours. He wanted to surprise Lily so he did not knock on the door. He took his key out and unlocked the door.

Once he entered, he saw Lily on the sofa. She was extremely attractive in jeans.

She was in tears when she saw Darryl. “Hubby!” She ran and hugged Daryl tight.

“There, there. I’m here,” Darryl comforted. He hugged her tight.

Lily choked, “Hubby, I was so worried about you! I thought I might never see you again!”

Darryl looked at her lovingly and joked, “Silly, how could I d*e? I have such a gorgeous wife, and she has yet to give me a son, how could I d*e? My life is not complete yet.”

Lily blushed. She said embarrassedly, “You just got back and you’re already joking.”

Lily harrumphed, she pushed Darryl away and said,

“You said you miss me. Do you really miss me or Yvonne?”

Lily face darkened at the thought of the wedding scene—she felt humiliated.


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