The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 482

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 482 – Darryl panicked. If anything happened to Dax, he would regret this for the rest of his life!

“Rachel Carter, let me out!” Darryl screamed, but no one replied.

“F*ck!” He punched a tree. Seeing as the sun was about to set, he could only walk in a straight line. He thought that the forest was like a maze; as long as he walked in a straight line, he was definitely bound to find the entrance!

He walked briskly, yet after half an hour, there was still no entrance in sight. There were only never- ending trees! It was strange. A thirty-minute walk in the Carter Mansion could lead to the entrance, yet he could not get out of the forest. Unless it was some sort of Formation?

“F*ck, I don’t believe in that.” Darryl gritted his teeth. He turned on his phone’s torchlight and walked forward again.

Back in the Carter Mansion, the Carter family was about to have dinner. Zoran instructed the chef to prepare a feast.

Everyone was there except for Darryl.

Zoran scanned the table and frowned. “Where’s Darryl?”

A maidservant anxiously replied, “Master, I went to his room, but he was not there. I could not find him anywhere around the house.”

Zoran was puzzled. “That’s strange. How could you not find him? Did he leave?”

Whenever Darryl left, he would let Zoran know. Darryl never once left without notifying him. Zoran took his phone and dialed his number, but the call could not go through.

Susan tried to comfort him. “Don’t worry, we’ll get our men to look for him.”

Zoran nodded. He instructed a few maidservants, “ Go. Look for him.”

“Dad…” Rachel interrupted. She stood up and said, “ Don’t bother looking for him. My guess is that Darryl left without telling us. How rude.”

Rachel smiled faintly as she thought to herself. ’He was stuck in the peach blossom forest. You won’t be able to find him for the rest of your lives!’

“Darryl is a polite person! If he had left, he would have told us,” Sara chimed in and added, “Since he did not notify us, it means he’s still here!”

Rachel pursed her lips and retorted, “Sara, you think too highly of that live-in son-in-law. Think about it; that miser must have felt extremely inferior while living here, so he left-”

“That’s enough,” Zoran interrupted. “Rachel, how could you talk about your godbrother that way? Let me fell you, Darryl comes from a huge family—the famous Darbys.”

“So what? He was kicked out…” Rachel muttered.

Just then, one of the servants quickly approached them and said anxiously, “Master, I stumbled upon footprints at the entrance of the peach blossom forest! Could it be from Darryl?”



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