The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 481

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 481 – Though he had no Internal Energy, he could not sit around and watch Dax d*e! He loathed Abbess Mother Serendipity and her gang. He had already left Donghai City, yet she still tried to go after him.

Darryl was extremely furious. He was about to turn and leave when Rachel called out to him.

“Darryl, my dad is still waiting for you. Where are you going?”

“Tell dad that something urgent came up!” Darryl said anxiously.

“Do you think I’m your messenger?” Rachel snickered. “If there’s anything, you can tell him yourself.”

Darryl frowned. “I’ll explain it to him when I’m back.” Dax was in danger. He had to help him.

“Move!” Darryl yelled at Rachel.

“What if I don’t?” Rachel smirked maliciously. “I said, move!” Darryl shouted once more.

Rachel replied coldly, “You’re going nowhere today.” She clapped her hands.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared from the corner. It was Ewan.

He grabbed Darryl and lifted him up above his head.

“What are you doing?” Darryl was caught by surprise. Without his Internal Energy, he could not fight back.

“What am I doing? Making you vanish from this earth!” Ewan threw Darryl into the forest.


Darryl landed tens of meters away. When he landed, his bones almost broke—he saw stars.

He was livid, not having the Internal Energy to fight back. He slowly stood up, but when he saw what went on, he was bewildered.

A peach blossom tree flashed by before him. The trees were moving!

He blinked hard.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw that every tree was moving about as if they had legs of their Own.

What was happening?

He tried to look toward the direction which he came from, but it was long gone. Rachel and Ewan had vanished, and only the trees remained. No matter where he walked, he could not find the entrance of the forest. There was no cell signal either.

Darryl finally came to a realization that he was tricked by Rachel and Ewan! He was furious and anxious—he did not know whether Dax was d**d or alive.


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