The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 473

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 473 – “Of course, my wish is your command. You have to treat everything that I say seriously,” Ophelia added. She knew that Darryl was a wild beast that needed to be tamed. He must have not wanted to become her disciple.

Hence, she needed to be strict with him. If not, it would be harder in the future.

At that, Darryl could say nothing but nod. He replied, “I will be obedient.”

Whether he could regain his powers was up to Ophelia Lane. He had to obey her every command for now.

Ophelia was delighted with his answer. She smiled and nodded. “My good disciple.”

Back in the Darby Mansion in Donghai City, Lily was extremely anxious and worried. When she woke up after passing out, she found herself in the mansion. Her first reaction was to leave the place, but it was guarded heavily. They would not let her go unless she had permission from the Patriarch.

She had not seen Drake Darby.

She turned around after hearing footsteps and saw that it was Florian Darby. She did not have a good impression of him.

“Lily, don’t be afraid,” he reassured, approaching her with a smile. “Even though Darryl is completely evil, we will not hurt you to spite him.”

When he said that, he sized her up. Florian wanted to find Lily, but Yumi—his wife—was by his side the entire time. He finally found a chance. Lily was a gorgeous woman who must have fallen from heaven!

Florian swallowed hard. He was enthralled.

Lily, on the other hand, was disgusted by him. She bit her lip and questioned, “Why are you keeping me here?”

Florian’s eyes sparkled. He pretended to comfort Lily. “What’s the rush? You’re so weak. Stay here for a few days to get better, then I’ll personally send you back. What do you say?”

Lily shook her head. “Thank you for your goodwill, but I want to leave.”


Florian laughed. He looked at Lily hungrily, admiring her attractive body.

He approached her. “Lily, why don’t we-”

He was interrupted by one of the Darbys. He rushed in sweating and yelled, “Florian! Dax brought a hundred men into our mansion!”


Florian was afraid but partially annoyed. He exclaimed, “What’s there to be afraid of?” He walked to the living area.

In the living room, Dax had an ax in his hands. Behind him were hundreds of men. They scared the Darby followers half to d***h.

“Dax, how bold you are! Do you think the Darbys could be bullied so easily?” Florian yelled as he rushed into the living area. Looking at the number of men Dax brought, he was terrified, but he pretended to be calm.

Drake and the other powerful followers left the mansion to attend to some business, which left Florian alone and clearly outnumbered.

Dax frowned. “Stop with your nonsense. Where is Lily?”

The news of Darryl causing a scene at Yvonne’s wedding had spread throughout Donghai City. Dax did not attend the wedding, but he heard of the news.

Darryl was attacked. Dax did not know if he was d**d or alive. Lily was kidnapped by the Darbys, so Dax immediately gathered his men and rushed to the Darby Mansion.

“Why would Lily be here?” Florian played dumb. As he said that, a petite silhouette appeared from the backyard. F*ck. He forgot to ask someone to keep an eye on Lily.

“Dax!” Lily was overjoyed. She quickly walked up to him as tears fell from her cheeks.

Dax let out a breath of relief as he signaled for his men to escort Lily out.

He turned to Florian and threatened, “Darryl has been taken away by his godfather. If anything were to happen to him. I’ll make the Darbys pay.” He waved his ax, crushing the front door to pieces.

So what if the Darbys were cultivators? If anything happened to Darryl, they all would pay!

Florian let out an annoyed sigh as Dax left. He had crashed the Darby Mansion a couple of times. It was a huge insult!

“F*ck you, you bunch of losers! You can’t even guard the mansion properly!” Florian yelled at everyone. He wanted to have a taste of Lily, but he lost his chance!

For the past two days, Darryl reflected on the past.

He repeatedly lost whenever he fought, but it was not because of his powers. It was because he lacked backup support.

There were so many followers among the Six orthodox sects, yet he was alone! So, he came to a bold decision—he was going to form his own sect!

As the founder and head of the sect, he would finally have the backup support he needed!

If only he could get the Dixon brothers—Zephyr, Nimbus, Levin, and Volt—to join his sect, that would be great! As long as he gave them each a Godly Pill, he would have four Martial Marquis under him!