The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 47

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 47 – To be honest, Yvonne was worried that 50 thousand bucks was a little low. However, that was the limit of her authority.

Peter, the staff in charge sighed deeply at that moment!


An honorable antique appraiser, deserved a monthly salary of $o thousand bucks? His salary was only slightly over lo thousand bucks a month!

After considering Darryl’s explanation when he appraised the blood tear jade, Peter had to admit that he was not as good, hence he stopped himself from feeling dissatisfied but remained envious of Darryl.

After a small thought, Darryl agreed and said, “Oh… since I don’t have to be here every day, it should be fine.“

It was such a great offer and yet he was showing a difficult expression.

Had he turned crazy after being the live-in son-in- law?

Looking at Darryl’s reaction, Peter became speechless.

Yvonne was delighted as she said, “That’s great. It’s finalized then.”

Darryl smiled and bid farewell to Yvonne as the day was getting late.

The next afternoon, when Darryl reached his office, Pearl quickly went forward to give him an update.

Pearl respectfully asked, “President, today is the airing of the latest episode of the Superstar program. It is also Giselle’s debut in the show. Will you want to be there to show support?”

Darryl shook his head, “I’ll miss it! Please set up a re—broadcast at my office later. I will just watch it from here.”

Giselle’s makeover was done by the Lyndon family. His wife, Lily, was the person in charge.

As such, Lily would definitely be there at the show. If he was to attend, his identity would be revealed.

“Yes, President.” Pearl nodded and went ahead with the set-up.

An hour later, the screen in the office was broadcasting the live show. Undeniably, Giselle really had the potential to be a star. Together with the makeover by Lily, she looked lively and stunning. All the audience roared when she appeared.

However, halfway through the recording, some matters arose.

At the request of her fans, Giselle sang a song. Suddenly, the earpiece she was wearing became faulty. Initially, she was singing really well, but due to the malfunction, she fell behind the beat.

At the end, after some commotion onstage, Giselle stomped off and went backstage.

Soon, the matter was widely publicised by the media. There were various comments, some said that Giselle lip-synced, some of them said she did it intentionally with the objective to increase the popularity of the news.

In summary, the media had doubts of Giselle’s singing ability.

Watching the news, Darryl slammed the door and called for Pearl.

Darryl said coldly, “Investigate this thoroughly. I want to know what is going on.”

Pearl nodded and made a few calls. She soon found out what happened.

Pearl carefully reported, “President Darby, there were three staff in charge of Giselle’s earpiece backstage, but all of them denied that they were responsible for the malfunction.”

Darryl smiled lightly.

It had to be something to do with the three of them. “Fine, bring all three of them here.”

“Yes, President!” Looking at the confident look on Darryl’s face, Pearl was curious, but dared not question further.

Watching Pearl exiting his office, Darryl made a call.

“Felix, come over to Platinum Corporation. Yes, now.”

After ten minutes, the three staff members were brought into the office but all of them looked calm.

Sitting on the chair behind the desk, was Felix Blakely in a suit.

Honestly Darryl had many ways to make the three of them tell the truth, but he did not want to take the trouble to do so.

Besides, Darryl did not want more people knowing about his identity.

Hence, he asked for Felix to come over.

Staring at the three of them, Felix asked coldly, “During the program, Giselle’s earpiece malfunctioned. What really happened?”

Darryl, who was sitting at the side, did not react. He was just casually smoking his cigarette.

The three of them agreed with each other not to say a single word. Thus, they shook their heads in unison, indicating that they did not know. They did not pay attention to Darryl, thinking that he was Felix’s bodyguard.

Felix laughed and said, “Do you know who I am? I am Felix Blakely.” What?