The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 467

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 467 – “Alright, let me explain the contest rules,” Ophelia explained as she sat down. “Whoever produces the rarest elixir in one-hour wins. If the time is up and you haven’t finished, you lose.”

She looked at her watch and set it. “Your time starts…now.”

Ewan reacted quickly. He walked to the ingredients section and measured each ingredient with his b**e hands. It was extremely accurate!

He lit a fire, emptied the ingredients in, and started producing his elixir. Everything went smoothly, and there was not a mess in sight.

The entire Carter family surrounded him, looking at Ewan’s every move. They nodded in agreement.

“No wonder he’s Ophelia’s disciple. He has such experienced hands!”

“I wonder what rare elixir he will produce? It’s so exciting!”

Listening to their comments, Ewan was elated as he smiled with confidence.

However, Darryl looked nonchalant, and he had not even started picking his ingredients.

Many shook their heads at him. He was losing from the start, and it looked like his chances of winning were slim to none.

“Looks like it was all a lie. I think this i***t got scared looking at all the ingredients, and he might not even know all of them,” Rachel taunted.

A few maidservants giggled.

Even Sara was slightly anxious as she said, “Darryl, why aren’t you starting yet?”

Darryl laughed. “Don’t worry.”

He did not start immediately because he wanted to see what elixir Ewan was going to produce. Now that he had a rough idea, he could start.

He picked his ingredients and measured them carefully with a weighing scale.

Ewan laughed. “What? You need to use an electronic scale for your ingredients?”

Professionals all used their hands, and it was extremely accurate. Darryl’s actions showed that he was an amateur.

Darryl ignored him. He used to use his hands previously. However, now that he lost his powers, he does not have any Internal Energy. So his measurements would not be accurate. Just to be safe, he used the weighing scale.

Time was ticking.

Ewan’s cauldron was burning hot and flaming red. Everybody could smell something brewing from the cauldron. They were all excited as they knew his elixir was almost ready, and it was a rare one!

However, while Darryl’s cauldron was burning, there was very little going on.


Suddenly there was a vibration, and a vivid gold hue came floating from afar. It formed a golden Elixir Cloud and was directly above Ewan!

Ewan created an Elixir Cloud.

“My goodness! It’s a golden Elixir Cloud!” “What rare elixir could produce this?”

Everyone was in awe. It was amazingly rare that an Elixir Cloud was gold in color! It proved that Ewan was indeed highly skilled in producing elixirs.

Rachel clapped her hands. She was so thrilled she could barely speak; it was without a doubt she had chosen the right man!