The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 456

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 456 – Darryl had no energy left in him after completing his two tricks. He was unable to escape, so he had no choice but to throw out his palm with all his remaining energy in an attempt to protect himself.


The moment their palms touched, Abbess Mother Serendipity’s strength overwhelmed Darryl. She flicked her palm and threw out another strike that landed precisely on Darryl’s chest.

“Argh!” he shouted.

All Darryl could feel was a terrifying energy wash over him that threw him into the sky, made him spit out blood, and caused him to land on the ground finally.

He felt a sharp pain, and all his veins break inside of him, especially his arteries. His entire body was at its weakest, as blood spilled uncontrollably. He was suffocating, and it felt as if all his organs were shattered into pieces.

“Hubby…” Lily could not help crying out in panic. She felt a pain in her heart as her legs went soft, and she fell to the ground.

“I’m asking you, do you admit to your wrongdoings!” Abbess Mother Serendipity said with zero emotion as she glared at him.

’Wrongdoings? Hah!’ Darryl thought.

“I’d like to ask you who did I wrong?” Darryl growled, but since he had no more energy, he spat out more blood.

There was total silence as everyone’s eyes were glued to Darryl’s without a hint of empathy.

He was close to d***h, yet he was still so stubborn? The Eternal Life Palace Sect was an evil cult causing harm to the community, and Darryl was associated with them but should not be pitied even if he died.

Watching the determined and persistent look in Darryl’s eyes, Abbess Mother Serendipity was infuriated. A longsword appeared in her hand as she walked slowly towards Darryl. With every step she took, it was as if she was walking on the hearts of the crowd.

“Abbess Mother Serendipity, you’re doing the best thing for the community. K**l him!” someone yelled among the crowd.

The crowd roared in agreement as everyone called for justice by demanding Darryl’s d***h.

“Yeah! K**l him.”

“A b*****d like him deserves to d*e! ”

Abbess Mother Serendipity frowned at the jeers of the crowd as she approached Darryl with the sword pointed at his neck.

“No…” Yvonne felt as if her heart was being stabbed as tears fell down her face.

She wanted to run towards them, but the people surrounding her stopped her. She had made up her mind; if Darryl died today, she did not want to live either!

Darryl slowly shut his eyes in despair as he saw the sword was less than half a meter from him.

“Stop!” someone roared. His voice was powerful, with a hint of authority.

A figure blocked Abbess Mother Serendipity and stood in front of Darryl. He moved as quick as lightning, and his two fingers accurately pinched the tip of Abbess Mother Serendipity’s sword.

He was tall, strong, and dressed in a majestic tunic suit. It was Zoran Carter!

“Godfather!” Darryl called out instinctively, surprised and delighted.

Zoran nodded in acknowledgment before he turned to Abbess Mother Serendipity and exerted a force slightly with his fingers.

Abbess Mother Serendipity felt a loud wave of energy launch toward her, and she staggered a few steps back.

’Dad’s internal energy is so powerful,’ Darryl thought in awe. He had first-hand experience with Abbess Mother Serendipity’s power, and it was close to the power of a Martial Saint! Although he could not tell who was more powerful, he knew for sure that Zoran was at least as powerful as Abbess Mother Serendipity.