The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 455

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 455 – Florian’s lips curled into a deadly smirk as he pointed at Darryl. “Be ready to face your d***h!”


The giant, black python, opened its big b****y mouth and struck at Darryl.

“No!” Yvonne shouted with her hoarse voice as her legs were no longer able to support her.

She regretted telling Darryl about this wedding. It was too late now!

“Hubby!” Lily ran toward Daryl in her heels as tears streamed down her face. She wanted to protect Darryl from the python.

Even though Darryl was here to destroy the wedding, which hurt Lily, she still would not want to see her husband d*e here today.

“Drag the ladies away!” Florian yelled out among the crowd, his voice penetrating through the air. “I’ll k**l this b*****d on behalf of my grandfather.

Today, Darryl dies.”

“Hahaha! I’m going to d*e?” Darryl glared at the giant python fiercely. His body was filled with pure Yang energy.

“Well, then let’s see who’s the one d***g today!” he scoffed. In a swift movement, he reached out a finger and pointed it at the sky.

“What-what is he doing…” waves of exclamations resonated through the crowd as everyone’s gaze turned to Darryl.

In the next moment, Darryl’s hoarse voice resonated through half of Donghai City.

“It’s a One Finger Big Bang!”


A terrifying tornado swirled up in the air.


Smoke and dust covered anything within a ten-mile radius. Everyone was blinded by the dust storms caused by the tornado.

“Argh!” someone yelled as ten or so disciples of the Six Sect were swirled up in the air.

The tornado was getting bigger and stronger!

“Hurry! Stay under cover!” Master Reed shouted as he was the first to snap out of the shock. He used his internal energy to form a protective shield to shelter the people around him.

It was not until he did that when the other elites snapped out of their shock and used their internal energy to form shields.

This technique could only be described as horrible! If they did not form a protective shield, many people would have died under this tornado.


Finally, the giant tornado crashed into the giant, black python, and a loud buzzing noise was heard.

Instantly, the giant, black python was crushed into pieces! Florian cried out, and blood came out of his mouth as he staggered backward.


A pair of hands grabbed onto Florian’s shaking body. It was Master Reed! However, even he had to stagger a few steps back to steady himself!

It was completely silent in the huge estate.

Everyone stared at Darryl as if they had just seen a monster.

’Was he even human?’ everyone wondered.

“Huh!” Abbess Mother Serendipity walked towards him slowly as she looked at him quizzically. “Who’d have known a b*****d like you know a trick or two.

Unfortunately, you’re crooked. So what if you’ve learned this powerful technique? You’ll still have to d*e today!”

She flicked her hand and charged at Darryl as she raised her palm and slammed it on Darryl’s chest. She normally did not get involved, because like people like Master Reed, they cared about status and did not want to fight with someone of a lower rank like Darryl in front of everyone.

She had no choice now but to get involved. This b*****d was able to knock out at least a hundred of her disciples. Not only is that a miracle, but it’s a legendary feat! You had to admit that Darryl was indeed a gifted young man.

Despite his talents, his attitude was horrible, and he even bribed the Eternal Life Palace Sect! If she did not destroy him today, he would only become worse in the future. Abbess Mother Serendipity did not care about what others might say. Even if the community called it unjust or bullying, she had to get involved today.

Darryl’s face paled as he witnessed her strike coming at him at lightning speed.