The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 449

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 449 – ’Darryl!?’

’Why is he here!?’

‘This brat was stabbed in the lower abdomen and yet he’s still alive!?’

Everyone at the venue furrowed their eyebrows.

The newlyweds on stage were about to pay their respect to each other. What was Darryl trying to do?

“Darryl… You’re here…”

Yvonne had a hard time keeping herself steady on the stage. She stared at Darryl in a daze as her heartbeat paced!

“Yes, I’m here,” said Darryl coldly as he proudly walked onto the stage! He stood in front of Yvonne and stared intensely into her eyes!


The entire venue was in an uproar! What was going on?

“Hubby!” Lily shouted from below the stage as she anxiously stomped her feet. When she came to attend Yvonne’s wedding, she assumed Darryl was still recovering at home. Never did she think that Darryl would be here and even stood on stage. What was he trying to do!

Jeremy finally came to his senses and coldly stared at Darryl. “Darryl, If you’re here to give me your blessings, you can say it from below the stage. There ‘s no need to come up here.”

Jeremy assumed this brat was here to show his gratitude after giving him the Nine Resurrection Pill which saved his life.

However, Darryl simply ignored him and removed the veil on Yvonne’s head in one swoop as he held onto her hand. “Yvonne, come with me!”

Yvonne’s hands were sweaty as her body trembled while being forcefully pulled by Darryl! She could not help but follow Darryl off the stage.


The crowd was instantly fired up!

There were many taboos on such traditional weddings. One of them was that the bride’s veil should never be removed before entering the bridal chamber!

Even though the crowd was in shock, several men stared blankly at Yvonne as her true face was revealed.

Beautiful, truly beautiful!

Yvonne wore red lipstick and her refined facial features made countless men fall head over heels for her!

“Darryl, what are you trying to do? Get your filthy hands off her now!” Jeremy reacted, quickly went toward them, and blocked their way!

At the same time, the entire venue was in chaos.

‘What’s happening? Was Darryl trying to snatch the bride!?’

Yvonne bit her lip tightly as she finally came to her senses and gently struggled against Darryl before softly saying, “Darryl, don’t cause a scene.”

How can Darryl cause a scene in front of more than ten thousand people!

“What do you mean by causing a scene? I’m taking you away today!” Darryl’s eyes were red as he roared!


The entire manor was a complete mess upon hearing Darryl’s words.

Some of Jeremy’s elders were angry as they stood up and stared furiously at Darryl!

Jeremy clenched his fists and angrily walked toward Darryl before pointing toward him and scolded, “ Darryl, you ungrateful b*****d! Don’t forget that were it not for my Nine Resurrection Pill, your pathetic life shoiild’ve been long gone! Do you know how much the pill costs? You’ll never see so much money in your entire f*cking life! You better p**s off and I’ll act like this never happened! Don’t f*cking make troubles here!”

Darryl forced a smile and said, “The Nine Resurrection Pill? Fine, I’ll return you the pill and you’ll give Yvonne back to me!”

Darryl pretty much roared his words out!

“How presumptuous! ” At that moment, many of the Six Sects’ elites slammed the table and stood up! As honorable cultivators, they could not stand the sight of such audacity!

Jeremy was about to go mad with anger as rage slowly welled up in his body. “You i***t! There’s only one Nine Resurrection Pill in the entire world! The refinement method has been lost forever! F*ck you, you’re just here to cause trouble, aren’t you? I***t! Do you think you can return me the pill!?”