The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 445

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 445 – “Sir, you must be kidding.”

Darryl could not help but laugh and said to the driver, “Yvonne is my friend. How could she get married if she doesn’t even have a boyfriend?”

“Huh? She’s your friend?” The driver turned his head around and glanced at Darryl before sighed.

’This guy is wearing such cheap clothes. How could he know Miss Yvonne?’ thought the driver.

“Look out the window,” said the driver.

Darryl looked out the window and he was instantly dumbfounded!

The cab was now on a bustling road that had hot- air balloons hovering every zo meters at the sides of the road. On each of these hot-air balloons hung banners that were over lo meters long!

The words on the banners were especially eye- catching as they billowed in the sky!

“Today is Miss Yvonne Young and Mister Jeremy Langley’s joyous wedding day. Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness!”

Darryl’s mind went blank in an instant!

“You can see for yourself that I’m not lying to you, am I?” said the driver helplessly as he sighed. “I don ‘t even know what Miss Yvonne is thinking. She has so many suitors yet she chose Jeremy. How could this playboy be suitable for Miss Yvonne…”

“Stop, stop the car!” Darryl suddenly shouted as though he went mad!


The tires screeching were heard as the driver abruptly braked and Darryl quickly tossed the driver a hundred bucks before leaving the cab. He then took out his cellphone and called Yvonne!

Darryl did not beat around the bush when the call connected and exclaimed, “Yvonne, it’s me! Why are you marrying Jeremy? You could marry anyone you wanted so why did you have to marry him!?”

Jeremy Langley was notorious in Donghai City! Everyone knew he was a playboy!

Yvonne bit her lip and held back the pain in her heart. She gently laughed and tried to speak with a relaxed tone. “Yup, I’m getting married soon. Make sure you attend the wedding reception.”

“What wedding reception? I don’t want it!” Darryl felt a buzz in his mind as he clenched his fists. “Tell me why are you marrying Jeremy? Tell me right now!”

“I… I want to marry him so don’t ask me these questions…” Yvonne tried to control her tone, but Darryl could feel what she said was not her true feelings!

“Yvonne, tell me. Are you in trouble, that’s why you had no choice but to marry him? Tell me and I’ll help you out, alright?” Darryl choked with a hoarse voice!

At that moment, Yvonne could not hold it any longer and cried out, “Darryl, stop talking. You can’ t help me, no one can. I’m marrying Jeremy on my own accord.”

“On your own accord? I don’t believe you! Tell me the truth!” Darryl’s eyes were red as he started flaring up.

Yvonne’s distressed voice came from the other side of the phone as Darryl finished his words! “Jeremy gave me a Nine Resurrection Pill in exchange for marrying him…”

It felt like time instantly froze!


Darryl was stunned for a few seconds as he stood there in shock!

It turned out that Yvonne had paid such a high price to obtain the Nine Resurrection Pill…

“Yvonne, you’re willing to sacrifice a lifetime of happiness just to save me. How could you be so stupid?”