The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 44

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 44 – The few antique store owners broke into laughter, as Yvonne bit her lips tightly. She looked at Darryl silently, feeling troubled.

The blood tear jade in front of her, no matter the material, color, or craftsmanship, matched the information she researched before this. Why would he claim that it was a fake?

Yvonne thought that Darryl was not the same as what people used to describe him as. It was unexpectable that after meeting him, he was indeed a useless person. No wonder everyone despised him. He did not have any knowledge on antiques at all and was just pretending.

At that moment, Leo and Jack looked at each other and smiled.

They were wondering about Darryl’s background, and now they knew that he was just a live-in son-in-law that everyone looked down on. S*it! That scared the both of them.

The next moment, Leo, as if he was defaced, rebutted while looking at Darryl, “The lady boss of Pearl Pavilion and the other store owners here all identified that this is a genuine item. All of them are famous antique merchants! You are the only one claiming it is a fake. If you can’t give a reasonable explanation, I will report you to the police, suing you for obstructing our normal trade.”


The thief was claiming to be another thief, and their acting was getting better.

Looking at Leo’s serious face, Darryl laughed again. He picked up the blood tear jade from the box, gave it a squeeze in his hands and said slowly, “A blood tear jade was formed because of human blood that flowed into the jade, forming the tear markings. That was how it got its name.”

“Among this, depending on the jade’s material, as well as environmental factors and consequences of other factors, the formation of a blood tear jade was extremely difficult, and hence extremely rare.

However, the one that you have here, even though there are some tear marks in it, they were not formed naturally. It should only be intentionally human made.”

“Aside from the tear marks, the material of your jade here, even though they are of good quality and the carvings on the surface is unique, it is not from the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Thus, it looks like it was produced recently.”

As he spoke, Darryl lifted the jade, looked at it in detail and nodded, “Yes, there is still a sense of moistness. If I guessed correctly, in order to make it look seasoned, you have intentionally buried it in the ground for a year or more.”

After speaking, Darryl threw the jade pendant back into the box and smiled, “As such, it is just a rather new imitation. As to say that it was from the Eastern Jin Dynasty would be rubbish.”


Darryl’s voice was not loud, but at that moment, everyone heard it loud and clear!

Suddenly, the few antique store owners were all stunned.

This young fella’s words made perfect sense.

Does that mean the piece of blood tear jade was really a fake?

Was if they were wrong?

The truth was, the few antique store owners had only heard about the rare blood tear jade. None of them had seen a real one before, hence they were all in doubt and did not make a sound.

Yvonne’s eyes were shining as they looked closely at Darryl. Her heart felt all emotional.

What Darryl had said, she knew them as well, but… but he presented the facts to them so clearly.

Where did he learn all that?

At that moment, Leo could not hold himself back as his face turned red, and he gave a cold grin, “It was spoken as if it was real, but let me ask you, since you have made so many remarks, do you have any proof?”


After all the talking, it was time to show some solid proof.

At that moment, the few antique store owners, together with Yvonne, were looking at Darryl.

Yvonne was rather emotional, and nervous.

She was emotional because if Darryl was able to produce evidence, she would have gained more experience.

She was nervous due to the fact that if it was ascertained that the blood jade was a fake, it would confirm the fact that she had been cheated, and would have brought shame to the family. One needed to know that the Young family had been in the antique business for generations! Although she was young, no one would be more knowledgeable than her in the entire Donghai City in terms of antiques.

“So, you want proof?”

Darryl looked at Leo, smiled and said, “It’s simple. In a naturally formed blood tear jade, over a long period of time, the blood in the jade will take the form of a mist. In contrast, one that was man- made, due its short formation time, even though it formed a tear shape, if we use a special magnifies, we will be able to see that there are some tiny droplets inside. This is because the fresh blood has not dissolved completely.

While Darryl was speaking, the store manager Peter, already brought out a special magnifier that was designed specifically for antique appraisal purposes.

Peter took a look and said in a surprised tone, “

There are really tiny droplets in it.”

Immediately, the other antique store owners surrounded him. Even Yvonne could not help herself but walked over in her stilettos.


With the proof being presented, Leo’s face turned red as he stared angrily at Darryl, pointed at him but was not able to speak a single word.