The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 436

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 436 – Darryl should be d**d after suffering such a heavy injury. How was he still alright?

Circe’s voice continued, “Evelyn, I’ll accompany you to meet Darryl. Let’s see if we can convince him to let your grandfather go…”

There was a glint in Evelyn’s eyes as she softly said, “Circe, thanks for telling me this news. I-I’ll go find him myself.”

Evelyn hung up the phone before Circe could reply.

Previously, Evelyn made Darryl apologize to her on his knees and even had him wash her feet. He would surely begrudge Evelyn.

Darryl would definitely make things difficult for Evelyn if she were to seek his help.

It would be embarrassing in the event Darryl rejected Evelyn’s request in front of Circe.

Early the next morning, Lily fed Darryl some porridge before hurriedly leaving for school.

She had already taken two day’s leave to care for Darryl and could no longer delay her lessons.

Darryl felt miserable being at home alone today. He did not even have the energy to relieve himself at the toilet.

According to the Infinite Elixir Manual, Darryl would be extremely weak during the first three days after consuming the Nine Resurrection Pill as the pill was slowly repairing his energy field. However, he would be fully recovered on the fourth day.

Today was already the third day. Darryl only had to endure one more day before returning to his usual active self.

It was noon and Darryl’s bladder was already at its limits. At that moment, a sound came from the bedroom door.


Darryl thought Lily had returned, but when he was immediately stunned upon looking over.

A beautiful lady with a simply alluring figure walked into the room with an even more eye- catching red hair.

It was Evelyn.

Darryl came to his senses and looked at Evelyn in astonishment. “It’s you? What are you doing here?”

Evelyn did not say a single word with her emotionless face. She went toward Darryl and started frisking all over his body.

Circe had told Evelyn that the Hexad School’s Principal had given the private room key where they had imprisoned Evelyn’s grandfather to Darryl. Once Evelyn found where Darryl lived, she wanted to get the key and leave without talking to him.


Darryl was restless upon feeling Evelyn’s delicate hands touching all over his body. The constant scent of Evelyn’s fragrance made Darryl’s mind fall into a daze.

Evelyn eventually stopped after failing to find anything on Darryl. She took a few steps back and stared at him coldly. “Where’s the key?”

’This is so frustrating. I can’t believe this b*****d doesn’t have the key on him!’ Evelyn thought.

Evelyn blushed at the thought of her hands brushing against Darryl’s skin as she was frisking his body.

‘Haha, so she’s here for the key.’

Darryl could not help but laughed and looked at Evelyn with a smile. “I’ve hidden the key away. No one knows where it is other than me. Not even my wife nor my mother-in-law could find it.”

Darryl almost died on the battle stage for this key. How could he simply keep it on his body? He had it hidden way beforehand!

Darryl purposely teased Evelyn and said, “Sigh. What you’re doing here isn’t right, Miss Evelyn. Barging into my room and frisking my body. Could you have taken a fancy for me? Good thing that my wife isn’t at home. It’ll be terrible if she saw it.”


Evelyn blushed as she felt a little anxious. “Where did you hide the key?”

’This b*****d is pissing me off too much!’ Evelyn thought.

Darryl laughed and said, “The world has truly changed. How can one be so assertive when asking for someone else’s things?”

’F*ck you. You made me wash your feet in the cafe, recorded it, and even uploaded it all over the internet last time. Now, you come demanding the key from me with such sh*tty attitude. Is this even reasonable?’ Darryl thought.