The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 424

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 424 – Florian walked excitedly into the room. “Father, I heard that Megan had injured Darryl, and he would not survive tonight. Is that true?”

That was the best news ever!

If Darryl was d**d, then there was no proof that he had raped Rebecca.

Drake nodded his head silently.

Florian felt relief as he smiled. “Oh, yes! What about the girl that we captured? We have no use for her now. Shall I get rid of her?”

His wife, Yumi, had been with him the whole night, so he had no chance to go to the secret room. It was the perfect opportunity to do that.

Drake sighed. “I have released her.”

“What? You let her leave?” Florian was disappointed.

Drake was not in the mood to speak further, so he waved his arms and said, “She left a couple of minutes ago. Now get out. Leave me alone.”

“Fine…” Florian walked out with a smile.

‘Such a beautiful girl, what a waste that I didn’t get to s********h her.’ Florian rushed out of the residence to look for Queenie.

The sky was dark, and there were not many people on the streets. In less than three minutes, Florian saw Queenie alone on the road.

‘Perfect timing!’

Florian trailed behind Queenie silently. He walked as softly as he could; he did not want to make a sound.

Queenie would definitely head back to Darryl’s place. In about five minutes, she would walk past a quiet alley. Florian had already planned to rape her there.

Florian was puzzled when Queenie walked past the alley; she did not turn into it. She headed toward the direction of the sea instead.

Why would she go to the sea at such an hour?

Soon enough, Queenie arrived at a cliff. The cliff was about a hundred meters high, and the sea was below it. The wave crashed onto the rocks aggressively.

Queenie stood there and started to cry. “Cousin Sister, Darryl, I miss you all so much, but I am too ashamed to see any of you again…”

Queenie tried her best to hold her tears back the entire journey to the cliff; she could finally release her emotions.

“Darryl, they sullied my reputation. I wish to d*e, but I’ll miss you all dearly. What should I do?”

Queenie was devastated; she could not stop crying. Her body was so fragile, so she almost fell off the cliff. She held her fists tightly as she cried.

She wanted revenge, but the family that abducted her was the Darby family. They were the most prominent family in the city. Even if Darryl were to survive his injury, he would not be able to go against the Darby family.

Queenie’s hope was gone. She was utterly devastated. She thought that she would end her life.

Queenie closed her eyes, and she was about to leap off the cliff.

Suddenly a devilish laugh was heard from behind her.

Queenie shivered and turned around to see an evil man approaching her.


He must have followed her. He looked like the devil, and she hated him.

“Who are you?” Queenie asked.

Florian stared at Queenie as he approached her. “It is not important to know who I am. The most important thing is that it’s a waste for a beautiful girl like you to d*e so young.”