The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 409

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 409 – Graham smiled lightly and instructed, “Bring Zion Featherstone here.”

The rattling of chains was heard from the stage.

The crowd went silent and everyone looked to the judgment stand.

They were curious as to how one of the Four Guardian Kings the Eternal Life Palace Sect ended.

“Walk faster! ” Two disciples from the Wudang sect held Zion Featherstone and walked onto the judgment stand.

Zion completely lost his magnificence as the Golden Lion. His limbs were locked with heavy metal chains and his hair was a mess. His body was covered with bloodstains and his face was pale as paper. He looked nothing like a strong elite with his raspy breath.

However, the intense wildness in his eyes remained.

Many were disappointed with his state. The crowd started booing, some even whistled in a teasing manner.

’So, this is the Golden Lion.’ ’There’s nothing special about him.’

Zion ignored the crowd’s gaze and fixed his gaze on Graham and the elites from the Six Sects. He sneered, “How dare you despicable people call yourselves righteous sects so shamelessly? You set a trap when I was unprepared and besieged me with a dozen men! Are you not ashamed of yourselves? ”

Zion was overwhelmed with suppressed fury at the moment. After all, he lost his position and was subjected to indignity.

The elites of the Six Sects shifted uncomfortably because of Zion’s words. They were indeed not proud of their methods in capturing Zion.

Zion laughed sarcastically when he noticed that they could not think of a rebuke. There was no hint of fear on his face when he shouted, “Are you at a loss of words? You, the alleged righteous sects, caught me just because you wanted a volume of the scripture! I would rather destroy the scripture than let you have it! Torture me all you want, or just k**l me! I have no regrets in this life!”

His words were impactful!

Darryl was touched by his words and his eyes gleamed with respect. He did not expect Evelyn’s grandfather to be this bold and tough. Those from the Six Sects clearly had low insight compared to him!

Evelyn quivered and she was on the verge of tears. She was teary-eyed and heartbroken for her grandfather.

Graham walked to the judgment stand and extended his hand to seal Zion’s Mute Acupoint swiftly.

He had to stop him to maintain the Six Sects’ reputation

“Get him off the stage,” instructed Graham coldly before walking to the center of the stage again. He cleared his throat and continued, “I’m sure that all of you can see how stubborn the Golden Lion is.

Whoever wins will get the right to execute him. Without further ado, let’s start the competition right away!”

He continued, “I have to make a disclaimer here. The competition isn’t just a friendly match, there will be no rules on the battle stage and we leave all lives to g*d’s will! Unfortunately, the d***h of participants is just another natural course so those who fear d***h should not participate! Younglings who intend to show your strength, please come on stage!”

The crowd went silent. The young disciples were eager to try but none of them wanted to be the first.

“I’ll go first!”

A burly young man broke the silence and walked onto the stage. His hair was messy and he looked grimy. He was clearly a disciple of the Beggars’ Gang.

The young man held his fists courteously to the crowd, “I am Sawyer Cameron from the Beggars’ Sect. Who am I competing with?”

A lean man walked out from the crowd of disciples from the Kunlun sect. He leaped through the air and landed right in front of Sawyer. He smiled politely and introduced himself, “I am Aaron Tanner from Kunlun sect!”

Everyone was fixed their gazes on the two.

They could sense that Aaron from Kunlun sect was a Level Four Master. On the other hand, Beggars’ Sect’ s Sawyer hid his aura well, no one could tell how strong he was.

They guessed that he could not be stronger than a Master based on his young age.

However, Sawyer gave a meaningful smile as he looked at Aaron from top to toe, “Cut the c**p. I’m going to let you hit me first, I will not hit you back. What?