The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 408

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 408 – Many students were touched and motivated by the principal’s words.

Evelyn sat there as she quivered. Her face was flushed and rage b****d within her eyes.

‘How dare you claim yourselves to be on the justice’ s side when a dozen of you ambushed my grandfather who was alone and used a d***y tactic to poison him? You’re disgusting!’

The applause went on for a while. Graham waited for them to recede before he continued, “The public e*******n of Zion Featherstone is not just the indication of the Six Sect’s righteousness. There is another reason.”

The crowd went silent and fixed their gazes on Graham, waiting for him to continue.

Graham made a mocking smile and continued, “ There is always the rumor that there are seven Supreme Mystery Scriptures in the world and Zion Featherstone has one of them.”

’Supreme Mystery Scriptures?’ The crowd became agitated the moment they heard those words.

Everyone knew that one could rule the world after collecting all seven Supreme Mystery Scriptures and understanding the secrets within them.

However, no one had achieved that in thousands of years as it was near to impossible for a person to collect all seven of the scriptures.

Graham lifted the corners of his mouth and raised his voice, “The Six Sects has been questioning Zion Featherstone about the whereabouts of the scripture for the past few days but he swore not to tell us! To everyone present, if you have the confidence to find out the whereabouts of the scripture, the e*******n of Zion Featherstone will be yours in the Lion Slaughtering Conference! Also, the scripture will be yours!”


His words resulted in a clamor!

Shouts were heard the moment he said those!

“I’ll do it!”

“I’m sure that I can question him!” Everyone was shouting with agitation!

Darryl smirked silently at the scene. It seemed like all those sects were there for the scripture.

Graham nodded with satisfaction on the stage, “ Fine since everyone intends to take over Zion. Featherstone’s e*******n, we will hold a competition right now. It will be a simple one on one! The winner stays and the defeated gets eliminated, and everyone is eligible to participate! The final winner will take over the e*******n of the Golden Lion!”


His words caused another uproar in the crowd! “Principal Potter, that isn’t fair.”

The head of the Black Dragons sect stood up reluctantly and spoke loudly, “Smaller sects like us are not as powerful as the Six Sects. Even I, the head of Black Dragons, admit that I am not as strong, the Six Sects will definitely win the competition! Just ask around, who here has the confidence to defeat you, Mother Abbess Serendipity, or Master Reed from Shaolin sect?”


Another middle-aged man stood up on another side, “Since the Six Sects invited so many of us to join this conference, you have to be fair! How are we, the smaller sects, supposed to win in a one on one competition?”

“Silence, silence.” Graham smiled politely at the criticisms and continued, “We will be fair. How about I set up a rule? Only those aged under z5 years can participate in the competition. Is this acceptable for you? I’m sure that every sect has younger disciples, we will let the young ones compete. Is this fair enough?”

“That’s better…” The members of the smaller sects discussed among each other and nodded.

The younger generation present beamed with excitement with the new rule as they could be the one who would execute Zion Featherstone! It did not matter whether they could get to know the whereabouts of the scripture, the winner would certainly become famous after executing Zion Featherstone!

Circe’s face lit up with a smile and she held Evelyn’s hand, “Evelyn, only those under 25 can participate! You have a chance to rescue your grandfather! No one from the younger generation can be a worthy opponent of yours!”

Evelyn nodded. As a Level Three Master General, she had the highest rank among the younger disciples, not to mention she just cultivated the Immaculate Girl Scripture! She was certain that no one beneath the Martial Marquis level could defeat her!