The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 400

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 400 – Many were looking at them now. A few thugs giggled.

“Yoel has a new target.”

“Those two are hot! Yoel has great taste.”

The few talked among themselves. Yoel was slightly embarrassed. He has not failed to get any girl he wanted before, if he did not succeed today, it would be extremely shameful for him.

At that, he took a swig of beer, and grabbed Queenie, he said, “I told you that you are my type. If you don’t drink with me, don’t think about leaving today!”

Queenie did not flinch, she flung his hand off, looked at him in disgust and detest. “How dare you. Do you know who my cousin’s husband is? He is Darryl Darby!” She said with pride.

Previously, if she were to encounter situations like these she would be extremely anxious. However, now she knows that Darryl has the power to even make a celebrity bow, he could deal with a small thug easily.

What? Darryl Darby? They were stunned? Who is he? Is he powerful?

Yoel frowned. He sobered up slightly. He did not know who Darryl Darby was. But Queenie’s aura was confident and frightful. Was Darryl a thug too?

He shook his head. He does not want to get in trouble, in case Darryl was really powerful.

He laughed and said, “It’s fine, I’ll leave you two alone.”

When he left, Lily and Queenie looked at each other in surprise. Is Darryl really that powerful? That his name was enough alone to chase someone away?

Queenie cheered, “Yay! Lily, you are so lucky! Darryl is indeed our hero!”

Lily could not help but laugh.

They did not notice that at the corner of the bar, a lady with heavy make-up was looking at Lily and Queenie.

This lady was Jean Xander. She was an Emei sect disciple. She was the disciple of Abbess Mother Serendipity. Though she joined the sect late, she was one of the Abbess’ favorites. She knew about how the Abbess wanted to k**l Darryl.

She took out her phone and called the Second Senior Sister. Abbess Mother Serendipity did not have a phone. If you wanted to contact her, you had to go through Second Senior Sister.

“Sister, quickly pass the phone to Master. I’m at a bar and heard someone mention Darryl Darby.”

“Where?” the Abbess asked. She had been following Darryl’s whereabouts closely. However, that l***r was always at Hexad’s. The Hexad School was founded by the Six orthodox sects—she as an Elder could not k**l him there.

Now that she’s heard of his whereabouts, she was elated.

Jean quickly said, “I think it was his sister that argued with someone in the bar.”

It was not Darryl, but his sister?

Abbess Mother Serendipity frowned, she was slightly disappointed. She said, “Wait for me there. I’ll be there soon. Capture his sister first. Also, how could you go to that sort of place?”

It was extremely inappropriate for an Emei disciple to be in places like these.