The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 385

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 385 – Darryl’s eyes were blood red. He was pissed off. He had to beat Xavier up today, no matter what!

“Darryl is such an i***t. Why did he go looking for trouble by challenging Mister Xavier?”

“Haha! He deserved it!”

No one wanted to stop the fight. The other students had all hoped to see Darryl get beaten up.

Xavier was a Level Five Master General. He might not have intense strength, but it was more than enough to beat up a student. “This will teach you a lesson!” Xavier yelled as his punch almost reached Darryl’s chest.

The ladies were worried for Darryl—this punch would break his ribs! Even if he did not d*e, he would be paralysed!

However, Darryl had no intention of escaping nor avoiding the punch. He had mastered the Pure Energy Scripture —his Internal Energy was much more potent than his peers of the same level. Even though he was only a Level Two Master General, he had no fear!

“Hubby, run!” Lily stomped her feet in a panic. Her eyes were red with worry.

She knew that Darryl was strong, but definitely not as strong as a teacher. After all, the teachers at Hexad’s were high-ranking members of the six orthodox sects. She did not wish to see Darryl hurt after all they had been through together.


Xavier’s punch hit Darryl square in the chest. Lily’s heart broke, almost feeling Darryl fall to the ground. However, she did not expect that Daryl would still stand up—he barely moved! However, Xavier howled in pain. He took a few steps back and spat out blood!

What?! The entire crowd was silent.

What was happening? Xavier’s punch not only barely harmed Darryl, but it also took a toll on Xavier instead. Katherine was in disbelief  as well! She stared at Darryl, completely stunned.

Darryl was wearing the Celestial Silk Armor. The sword wielded by Level Five Martial Marquis— Abbess Mother Serendipity—only made him spat blood. Xavier—a Level Five Master General—did no harm to him.

On the other hand, Xavier was shocked and furious. He felt as if he punched a steel wall. His entire arm was numb. He took a look at his fist and saw bone fractures.

What was happening?

Xavier was almost in tears, shocked to the core.

“Since you’ve already thrown your punch, it’s my turn,” Darryl said coldly. In an instant, he rushed toward Xavier and threw a punch while harnessing the Internal Energy of the Pure Energy Scripture.

Xavier could barely react when he was slammed to the floor!

There was a collective loud gasp among the students. They saw a monster.


Darryl sat on Xavier and threw punch after punch.

Xavier could not fight back. He was howling in pain and cried, “B*stard, how dare you hit a teacher…

Being beaten up by a student in front of so many people was an utter embarrassment.

Xavier—in anger—tried to stand up a few times, but Darryl did not give him the opportunity to.

Every punch was powered with the colossal force of Pure Energy.