The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 38

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 38 – Hearing Samantha’s screams from his room, Darryl walked out.

At that moment, Jade, who previously wore a smile, looked shocked. She whispered to Lily,“ Sister LilyDarby… Darryl Darby is home?

Ever since she heard from Samson at the Moonlit River bar that Darryl was indeed the second son of the Darby family, she rarely visited the Lyndon family to meet Lily.

She dared not!

She came to catch up with Lily because she heard yesterday that Darryl has not been around for the past few days.

She never expected that she would bump into Darryl the day he returned.

Lily said calmly, “He just returned today.”

Jade was just about to stay something, but she stopped immediately as she saw Darryl coming down from upstairs. She buried her head, and dared not look at html.

Seeing Jade there, Darryl smiled cheekily.

Samantha stared at Darryl and instructed, “Why are you still standing there? Go and quickly serve some tea.”

Darryl did not move, as if he heard nothing.

“No, it is not necessary. I am not thirsty… I am not thirsty. Brother-in-law, don’t… don’t be bothered

After Samantha finished speaking, Jade stood up immediately and shook her arms.

While talking, Jade cautiously took note of Darryl’s reaction.

what a joke. How can she let the second son of the Darby serve her tea unless she did not want to have a good life anymore?

Lily asked whilst squeezing her brow as she noticed Jade behaving abnormally today and said, “Jade, what is wrong with you today?”

Jade instantly nodded her head and said, “Nothing. Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Samantha was a little shocked too.

What was happening? Why did it feel like everyone was so fearful of this useless man?

Thinking deeper, Samantha came to her senses while looking at his impoverished look

She realised that Jade embraced cleanliness, so she must have felt that the useless one was d***y, and hence refused to let him serve her tea.

Thinking of that, Samantha glared at Darryl.

Despite the fact that Darryl did not say a word, Jade still felt really uncomfortable.

After staying for a while, Jade finally could not take the pressure any longer, so she stood up and said, “ Sister Lily, I just remembered that there is something I need to look into. I can’t stay long to chat. I’m leaving.“

“You’re in such a hurry?” Lily stood up and asked, “ I didn’t see you driving here just now. How did you come here?”

Jade smiled and said, “My car was sent for service, so I called a cab. I will call a cab again to go back.”

Samantha smiled, pointed to Darryl and said, “Why bother to call a cab? Just get him to send you home.”

What? Jade started to shiver and quickly declined, “ That is not necessary. I will just call a cab.”

Samantha said, “Don’t worry about it. Let him send you home, since he has nothing to do around the house as well. You don’t have to feel shy when it comes to this useless one.”

Jade hesitated after hearing Samantha’s words as she was surprised too.

Aunt Samantha still did not know who he was? She was still calling him the useless one?

Just at that juncture, Darryl stood up and said, “Let’ sgo!”

Jade dared not reject once Darryl had spoken, so she just nodded.

Few minutes later, Darryl was driving Jade out of the community and into the main road. Jade was unsettled and she said carefully, “Brother Darryl, you can let me off here. I will call a cab to get home.”

Darryl smiled looking at her and said, “What did you just call me? Did you forget what you agreed with me earlier?”

Jade shivered.

How could she forget what happened at the Moonlit River Bar?

She bit her lips and said softly, “Father.”

Darryl smiled and nodded, “That is better. You don’ t have to be nervous. I will send you home since I am already out anyway.”

Jade hurriedly replied, “Thank you, Darryl. Thank you, father.” She bit her lips so hard it almost bled. Very soon, Darryl had driven into the city.

It was undeniable that the R8 model was really cool. Together with the gorgeous and s**y lady like Jade in the passenger seat, it was the epitome of beauty.

Many passersby turned to look at them in awe.

Darryl held onto the steering wheel, not showing any emotion. However, deep down in his heart, he was enjoying the glamour.

At that moment, a disharmonious voice was heard from the side, “Hey! Isn’t that the useless Darryl from our house?”

Darryl turned to where the voice was from and his face sunk.