The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 377

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 377 – Lily felt extremely awkward since Ray used to be headstrong in his pursuit of her courtship.

Although she had not spoken to him in ages, he really did her a huge favor this time. “Thank you, Ray,” Lily whispered.

“Yes, thank you, Ray!” Samantha chimed in. Glaring at Darryl, she spat, “If I were to rely on my useless son-in-law, I wouldn’t be able to get my money back. Ray, are you free tonight? Join us for dinner!”

“That sounds good!” Ray nodded. He was elated as he assured, “Auntie Samantha, if you need any help in the future, just call me!”

He then kicked Cyrus. “F*cker, if you dare scam more people out of their money, I’ll make your life a living h**l! F*ck off!”

Cyrus did not dare to utter a word as he knelt on the floor. After all, he was Brother D’s friend. He nodded furiously, “Yes, yes! I promise I won’t do it again! I’ll leave now!”

He was about to stand up and leave when his phone rang. It was Felix. He picked up the phone with his trembling hands as he mumbled, “Felix, don’t worry. I’ve returned them their money.”

Felix had not calmed down. He shouted into the phone. “F*ck you! After you’ve returned the money, apologize to Brother D! He has to forgive you, only then can you return. If not, I’ll skin you alive!” Felix hung up.

Cyrus was on the verge of tears. He stood up to face Ray and asked, “Brother, can I see Brother D? I have to apologize to him in person.”

“Who? There’s no such person here. My name is Ray Gregory, and my dad is Rich Gregory.” Up until now, Ray had thought that it was his father that made Cyrus come over.

What? Cyrus was equally confused. Did this person not know Brother D? He tried again to ask, “So, you’ re not Brother D’s friend?”

Ray was stunned as he replied impatiently, “Are you deaf or what? I do not know him! ”

B****y h**l! If he did not know Brother D, why was he here acting all high and mighty?

“B****y f*ck!” Cyrus kicked Ray in the stomach.

Everyone was stunned. What happened? Why did they start fighting?

“I’ll k**l you today!” Cyrus was on top of Ray throwing punches.

B****y h**l! How dare he act as if he was in charge and being so arrogant about it?

Samantha could take it no longer when she cried, “ Cyrus, that’s enough! It’s bad that you scammed us of our money, now you dare to beat Ray up? Do you know who his father is? He’s Rich Gregory! He’s not someone you can afford to offend!”

“F*ck you, I don’t care if he is Rich Gregory or Poor Gregory! I will beat him today! You better f*ck off as well. If not, I’ll hit you too!” Cyrus yelled. He was about to hit Samantha.

Samantha trembled in fear, frozen in place. She did not expect that Cyrus would dare to slap her.

Lily was anxious as well. She wanted to step forward, but she was too late!

Then out of a sudden, a cold voice came from behind Cyrus!

“Cyrus, enough. That is my mother-in-law.” Daryl walked toward him slowly.

Upon hearing his voice, Cyrus immediately stopped. He turned around and met Darryl’s eyes. Cyrus was Felix’s most loyal follower. Of course, he should have known how Brother D looks like.

This beautiful woman was his mother-in-law? F*ck, he was done for! D**d meat!


He immediately knelt on the floor and bowed in prostration.