The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 375

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 375 – “Ray, you’re too kind. How much did this cost?” Samantha was elated.

“Auntie Samantha, it’s nothing,” Ray assured as he waved, “it wasn’t even close to a hundred thousand. It suits you!”

Samantha was enthralled to hear that. She liked Ray even more now.

Ray turned to Lily and said, “I haven’t seen you in a while.” Lily nodded in acknowledgment.

“You’ve gotten even more gorgeous since the last I saw you, ” Ray said chivalrously. He turned to Darryl with a hint of disgust in his eyes and added, “You must be the infamous Darryl Darby.”

In Donghai City, everyone knew that the beautiful Lily Lyndon married a useless l***r.

Samantha pulled Ray aside as she scoffed, “Ray, don ‘t bother talking to this l***r. Come, let me explain the current situation.” She explained everything to him.

“Hubby, what should we do now?” Lily panicked as she whispered to Daryl.

She understood Samantha well. If Ray managed to get their money back, samantha would definitely force Lily to leave Darryl.

“Let’s see how things go.” Darryl smiled.

After Samantha finished recounting the story, Ray replied, “Auntie Samantha, don’t worry. How dare this financial corporation steal your money? I will get it back for you!”

This was just what Samantha wanted to hear! She exclaimed in relief, “Ray, I knew you would be able to do it!”

Could this young man really do it? The others were slightly skeptical, yet they believed him all the same. They started to praise Ray and beg him to help them get their money back.

Ray loved the attention and adoration from the crowd. He waved and said, “Everyone, don’t worry. If you are all Samantha’s friends, I’ll help you all get your money back! Let me make a call!”

He had heard a little about the Genesis Financial Corporation. The president was Cyrus Carney, a follower of Felix Blakely.

Felix was a powerful man in Donghai City. He might not know him personally, but his father might since their business expanded rapidly within two years.

He took his phone and gave his father a call. He spoke carefully, “Dad, I might have a favor to ask of you…” He then explained the issue.

As he finished describing the situation, his father reprimanded him. “Why are you getting involved in other people’s problems? Do you think I am omnipotent? Why are you causing so much trouble? Do you think I would know Felix? I don’t even know his follower, Cyrus! I’m having a drink, so don’t call me!” He immediately hung up.

Ray just received a scolding. He was done for now. How could his father not know Felix Blakely? How was this possible? He was worried, but he managed to force a smile. “Auntie Samantha, don’t worry,” he nervously reassured, “I’ve made a call You’ll receive your money back by tomorrow latest!”

He had no other choice but to lie to Samantha for now!

“That’s great news, Ray! Thank you so much! We’ll wait for your good news!” Samantha praised.

Darryl could not help but laugh. He was a Master General that had mastered the Pure Energy Scripture. His hearing abilities were more refined than an ordinary person—so he heard the call clearly.

Darryl deduced that Ray had extremely thick skin. He could not resolve the issue, yet he pretended as if he could.

Darryl sighed as he approached Samantha. “Ray does not have the means to get your money back. Why not let me make a call? Maybe I could be of help.”

What? The crowd was stunned. They looked at Darryl as if they were staring at a fool.

How was this live-in son-in-law going to help them get their money back?

Samantha’s face flushed. “Shut up!” She hushed him. “Don’t embarrass me, you good-for- nothing!”

Ray pointed at Darryl and laughed, “Darryl, what did you say? Could you get back the money? Haha!” Ray laughed out loud.

Darryl was really a joke. His father could not return their money, so how could this l***r possibly do it?

“Ray, don’t be mad,” Samantha explained, “This useless l***r won’t be able to do it. We’ll still have to rely on you.”

“Yes, Ray, don’t be mad.” The rest chimed in. “According to Samantha, Darryl is completely useless. He is a good-for-nothing, so please don’t be offended by him.”

They were all afraid that if Ray got mad, he might not help them anymore, and they won’t be able to get their money back.

Darryl let out an exasperated sigh as he left the group silently. He made a phone call to Felix Blakely.