The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 372

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 372 – What was happening? What had happened?

“Hubby, I’m here.” Lily approached Darryl anxiously.

“Lily, what happened?” Darryl sighed with relief as he realized she was not injured.

Lily was incredibly gorgeous in her skinny black jeans that flaunted her legs. She looked alluring in her high heels. Many men could not help but look at her.

Lily hugged Darryl. “Hubby, my mother just called,” she cried, “She said she was in an accident, I rushed here but could not find her. I’m scared.”

Samantha was hit by a car?

Darryl patted Lily on the back, comforting her. “Don ‘t panic, it will be fine.” He scanned the surroundings as he hugged Lily, his heart shuddering.

F*ck, the injured patients waiting around looked like they were in a car c***h. Some were bleeding profusely, some had broken limbs. It was tragic.

Lily was almost in tears as she held Darryl’s arms tightly. “Hubby, do you think mother would be fine?”

Her father was still overseas. What if something happened to Samantha?

“Don’t frighten yourself.” Darryl kissed Lily on her forehead. He stumbled upon a group of people on the staircase outside. One of them was Samantha.

“Honey, over there!” Darryl pointed.

Lily rushed over to Samantha. She was unhappy, although her arm had a minor bruise that stopped bleeding. Compared to the others, she was fortunate.

There were about twenty people with her, all lightly bruised, but they seemed enraged.

Seeing that Samantha was in one piece, Lily was relieved. However, how huge was this car accident that involved so many people?

Samantha’s eyes were bloodshot as her face darkened. “Lily, I did something bad,” she admitted.

“Mother, are you alright?” Lily was slightly stunned. She noticed that her mahjong friends were among the injured patients. “Mother, were you playing mahjong again?” she asked.

Samantha shook her head. “I’ve… sold the mansion away,” she mumbled. What?

Lily trembled. “Why? Why would you do that?” She was anxious and furious.

Samantha sighed before she explained in detail. When Lily previously bought some shares in the Lyndon Enterprise, they did not have much savings left. However, Samantha’s daily makeup and skincare routine cost a lot. Not having the financial freedom she was used to having was a bitter life.

A few days prior, Eleanor Francis—one of Samantha ‘s mahjong’s friends—shared a way to get rich quickly. It was through the Genesis Financial Corporation. It was a relatively new financial scheme that promised returns in a short timeframe. All they needed to do was invest ten thousand bucks into the company, and they could earn about five hundred bucks per week.

Samantha was extremely interested. She sold the mansion for eighty million and invested it all in the scheme. She thought she could buy another mansion when the returns came in.

A week later, Genesis Financial Company claimed that the scheme had issues and that there would be no returns for the time being.

Samantha was floored. It was then that she realized that she had been scammed.

However, she was not alone in this. There were tens of others who were in the same position. They gathered together and protested in front of Genesis ‘ building.

The president of Genesis Financial Company— Cyrus Carney—had security chase them away, but they would not budge. In the end, he got annoyed to the point where he drove his car into the crowd, injuring Samantha and the group.

When Samantha finished her explanation, she was fuming. “This corporation is evil!”

She was filled with regret. The mansion was bought by her daughter’s hard-earned money, yet it was gone in an instant.

Samantha looked at Darryl and reprimanded, “ Darryl, you useless being! What else can you do, you good -for-nothing? I don’t want to see you! B****r off!”

This useless piece of c**p did nothing for the house. Why did she need a worthless son-in-law like him? Other sons-in-law could earn money, but what about Darryl? If he could make some money, she would not have desperately sold off the mansion and gotten scammed. Samantha’s mood worsened at the thought of Darryl.

Darryl laughed. His mother-in-law was beautiful, but she nagged all the time.