The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 37

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 37 – “I’m back,” said Darryl, with a big smile on his face while walking toward Lily.

Lily nodded and glanced at the Audi R8 parked outside.

Noticing Lily’s curiosity, Darryl smiled and said, “ This was the car I helped to get for my boss. I am off today, hence he let me take a drive.“

Lily understood but in her heart, she doubted him. What kind of boss would be so generous to allow his staff to drive his new car?

At the same time, Samantha recovered from her shock but could not stop laughing, “So the whole ordeal is that you are driving someone else’s car. I thought the useless you had finally turned over a new leaf.”

Darryl smiled, but ignored her remarks. Samantha got angrier, turned to Lily and said, “

Lilybud, I really don’t understand why you’re still hesitating. Isn’t that Charles that I introduced you to great? You should divorce this useless one immediately. The more I see him, the more upset I become.”

“Mum.” Lily bit her lips tightly, shaking her head and said, “You don’t need to interfere with my business. At least he found a job now. I… I hope to give him a chance. He has found a job, so he definitely has changed.”

Samantha almost blew her top and was speechless. She could not figure out what was wrong with her daughter.

She stared sharply at Darryl and went into her room.

Darryl grinned, and said while looking at Lily, “Are you really not going to divorce me now?”

Lily replied calmly, “Don’t celebrate too early. I am still observing you.”

Darryl nodded without saying a word.

He respected Lily’s wish. No matter what, for the past three years he married into their family, Lily was under a lot of pressure because of him.

“I am tired and I’m going to rest inside.” The atmosphere was rather awkward, so Darryl went to his room after saying that.

Lily did not follow but sat down on the sofa, deep in thought.

At that moment, Lily’s heart felt complicated. Was her decision earlier right or wrong?

She gave him another chance so that he could give her a wonderful future?

At the same time, on Samantha’s end, she was stressed, angry and speechless at her daughter’s stubbornness.

She grumbled out loud, “No, I cannot let the useless one continue to be part of our family.” Taking out her cellphone, she dailled a number.

The number she dailled was to Charles.

Once the call was connected, Charles answered politely with a hint of hesitance, “Aunt Samantha, is everything alright?”

Samantha immediately asked, “Charles, how was the meeting between you and Lilybud yesterday?”

Her gentle voice was as if her son-in-law was on the other end of the line.

On the other side of the line, Charles felt rather awkward as he laughed and said, “Aunt Samantha, I feel… I am not suitable for Lilybud.”


He spoke carefully, “Also, I feel that Lilybud and… and Darryl are good together. They are a good match. I… I do not wish to go between them.” The smile on Charles’ face looked as if he was crying.

Samantha had a shiver down her spine with a face full of surprise. “Charles, are you okay?”

Charles spoke politely, “I am fine, Aunt Samantha. Oh yes, if you were to meet Darby, ahem, Darryl, please let him know that I wish Lily and him all the best… all the best.” He was so nervous that he almost called out President Darby.

At that moment, Charles had cold sweat all over his body.

Luckily, he managed to stop, otherwise if he made President Darby unhappy, there will be no further collaboration with Audi Corporation.


Hearing this, Samantha felt lost for a moment.

What was going on? Was it not that Charles had always looked to her daughter as a goddess?

Charles looked nervous and said, “Aunt Samantha, I have something coming up. I can’t talk longer.” He hung up the call right after.

“Do, Do…”

Hearing the dial tone, Samantha could not gather herself together for quite some time.

What was going on today?

First, her daughter turned weird and now Charles. Earlier, he promised her he would definitely get Lily to his side, but today he completely changed.

Unable to figure out anything, Samantha walked out of her room feeling depressed.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. It was Lily’s best friend, Jade, at the door.

Jade greeted Samantha who was walking out with a smile, “How do you do Madam?”

Samantha smiled, nodded and said, “Jade, you are here. Take a seat.”

Samantha squeezed her brows and yelled, “Darryl, come down here now. Can’t you hear we have a guest here? Shouldn’t you come and greet the guest? Where are your manners?