The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 367

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 367 – Darryl was unperturbed by their mockery.

“Miss Newman, I’m serious. Please, tell me how much would you sell this for? I need it to save a life!” he said sincerely.

It had been two hours, and Darryl did not know how Dax was doing or if his wound was worsening.

“To save a life? Who’s life?” Circe frowned.

Darryl came here covered in sweat, and he did not mind Evelyn slapping him earlier. It seemed that he was in a panic.

“Dax,” Darryl answered.

’Dax Sanders?’ Circe thought.

Darryl did not seem like he was joking. Circe put down her wine glass and handed him the necklace right away. “If so, take this with you. Save him first; then we’ll talk about the money later.”

A man’s life was at stake! Of course, she had to save him.

Darryl was overwhelmed with excitement as he rushed forward to receive the necklace.

However, Evelyn leaned forward and took the Heart of the Ocean away from Circe.

“You!” Darryl stared at her in disbelief. “Give it to me. I really need it to save a life!”

Evelyn held onto the necklace tightly with a proud look. “Like I care? You stay right there. If you step any closer, I’ll destroy this.”

She transferred her strength from her energy field till her energy gathered on her hand. If she squeezed slightly, Evelyn could destroy the Heart of the Ocean.

“Evelyn…” Circe called in a panic, her face darkening.

She knew Evelyn well enough. She grew up at the Eternal Life Palace, and her Grandpa was the Guardian King. There was nothing that Evelyn was afraid of.

“Please, don’t!” Darryl was in a cold sweat. “ Alright, alright. I won’t move. What can I do for you to hand it to me?”

Evelyn smirked, “A d****e like you wants a treasure like this? Even if Circe agreed to give it to you, I wouldn’t agree.”

Darryl was panicking, but he tried to reason with her. “Miss Evelyn, I know why you’re mad at me. I did not run away the other day. I even finished refining the pill. I disappeared because something happened, and I had to leave right away.” Darryl took out a pill from his pocket and showed it to Evelyn. “Look, I’m not lying to you. This is the Yang pill I refined the other night.”

’Huh? He did refine the pill?’ the ladies were shocked and exchanged looks with one another. They knew that even the best pill refining masters could not refine this. How could a poor dude like him refine it? He must have been lying!

One of the ladies said, “Evelyn, don’t believe him. None of us knows how the Yang pill looks like. Who knows if it’s real or fake.”

“Yeah, maybe he took a fake pill to fool you.”

“Exactly, a person like him could do anything! Don’ t fall for it.”

’D**n it! Just when I finally gained Evelyn’s trust, these other women decided to s***w things up!?’ Darryl thought.

Hearing what they said, Evelyn hesitated for a few seconds and said, “Give me the pill first.”

Whatever it was, as long as she got hold of the pill, she could show it to her Grandpa, who could tell if this was real or fake.

Darryl handed it to her without hesitation and smiled bitterly, “Now that you believe me.”

Evelyn shook her head and looked at him half smilingly, “Darryl, I hope you remember making me beg you the other day to make this pill Now it’s your turn.”

‘D**n it!’ Darryl cursed to himself.