The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 365

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 365 – Circe bit her lips as she thought about Darryl, which made her upset. She had invited him to dinner twice, but he always found an excuse to get out of it. Two days ago, she invited him to the villa to refine pills, but he ran away halfway through. He was not a man of his word!

Circe said to Evelyn flatly, “Evelyn, turn it off.” She did not want to speak to Darryl.

However, Evelyn shook her head and smirked, “ Why? He ran away the other day! I’m intrigued to find out what he’s got to say.” She answered the call and put it on the loudspeaker.

After answering the call, Evelyn yelled, “Why are you calling, douchebag?”

Darryl was panicking as sweat dripped down his head. He asked politely, “May I know if Miss Newman is with you?”

Only the Heart of the Ocean could save Dax. He had to get hold of it no matter what it took.

“She’s not here,” Evelyn answered coldly. He never explained why he ran away and instead asked for Circe right away. What a rude guy. Did he think he could get away with it?

’D**n it! What was wrong with this Evelyn woman! ‘ Darryl thought.

Darryl sighed and continued anxiously, “Please, Evelyn. I really need to speak to Circe urgently. Could you please pass her the phone?”

’Urgently? What urgent matter could he be facing?’ Evelyn thought.

She scoffed, “If you have something urgent, then come to us. We’re at the Adios café.” Without waiting for him to answer, Evelyn ended the call.

“Evelyn! Why are you letting him come?” Circe asked in confusion. She had the reputation of being cold and charming at school, yet a live-in son-in- law played her three times in a row! The thought of seeing Darryl made her feel almost embarrassed!

Evelyn smiled and gave her back the phone. “Circe, I know you hate this d****e. That’s why I asked him to come. Don’t worry. When he comes, I’ll make him pay for what he’s done to you!”

’This d****e stole Circe’s phone and saw me n***d. He even lied to Circe and claimed to know how to refine pills. I won’t let him get away with it later!’ she thought.

Half an hour later, Daryl finally made it to the entrance of the café as he panted for air. He looked up at the sign and made sure he was at the right place.

’D**n! Why were there so many gorgeous ladies!?’ he thought as he walked into the café, and was shocked by the sight of Circe and her friends. The sun was out, and all of them had their summer clothes on, which consisted of short skirts and tight shorts. It was all very alluring!

However, he was not in the mood to be caught up by these. He took a deep breath and marched towards them.

“Look, the fool is here!”

“Haha! I wanna laugh just looking at him. He looks so dumb.” The ladies could not help but laugh and giggle as they looked at Darryl. Their smiling faces made them even more captivating than they already were.

Meanwhile, Evelyn walked toward Darryl swiftly. Without any warning, she slapped him on his cheek! The slap resonated a loud and crisp sound in the cafe. In an instant, the giggles stopped, and the café became completely silent.

’D**n it!’ Darryl cursed to himself.

A burning pain lingered on his cheek as Darryl glared at Evelyn. “What are you doing!”

‘D**n it! What’s wrong with this woman? I haven’t even spoken, and she slapped me? What for?’ Darryl thought angrily. If Darryl did not have to beg for the pill, he would have stopped her.

Evelyn scoffed coldly and looked at Daryl with disdain, “Oh, no particular reason. I just don’t like your face. Got a problem with that?”

Darryl frowned as he covered his face and looked directly at Circe, “Miss Newman, I need an urgent favor from you.”

What mattered the most was saving Dax. If getting slapped meant being able to save Dax, he would not hesitate to be slapped twenty times!

Circe seemed unperturbed. She did not even spare him a glance. She just sat with a wine glass in her hand.

“Darryl, you never knew how to refine pills, so you ran away in the middle of it. How dare you speak to me now?” she said, her red lips parted slightly and her tone cold.