The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 361

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 361 – Florian clenched his fists tight.

’I’m sorry, Grandpa. I really don’t want to donate my bone marrow, and I have no other choice. If I donate my bone marrow now, how will I lead the family in the future?’ Florian thought.

“Grandpa. Grandpa?” he mumbled softly.

Old Master Darby did not respond. He must have fallen asleep.

Seeing no reaction, Florian was excited and nervous. After locking the door from the inside, he walked to the side of the bed.

Yumi took a few deep breaths before she walked to the door and looked around to make sure nobody was passing by. Florian grabbed a pillow and pressed it onto Old Master Darby’s face.

“Hmph…” Old Master Darby woke up all of a sudden.

However, he was now an ordinary man and had no power to fight back. Florian pressed the pillow into his face harder. He let Old Master Darby struggle without flinching. Not long after, Old Master Darby stopped struggling, and his legs straightened.

Florian was dripping with sweat when he finally removed the pillow. Watching his Grandpa with his eyes shut, he was frightened.

“Yumi, What…what…what should we do now?” Florian reclined into the chair, panting for breath.

Yumi marched over to make sure Old Master Darby was d**d. She let out a long breath and placed the pillow back. After that, she took out her phone and called Drake.

Not long after, Drake picked up the phone.

As if she was a professional actor, Yumi’s tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.

“Dad, I have some bad news! Grandpa…Grandpa died because of what Darryl did to him earlier. He died because of him!” she sobbed.

Meanwhile, at the Sanders mansion, private doctors were trying their best to keep Dax alive. Outside the room, Darryl was pacing back and forth anxiously with his eyes bloodshot as his heart b****d in pain. To the side stood Nancy, Old Master Sanders, Daisy, and Daphne. They were all anxiously waiting for the past few hours. When Darryl brought Dax home, Dax was covered in blood. Everyone was terrified and worried.

The Sanders mansion was d**d silent, and the atmosphere was stifling and somber as everyone was extremely worried about Dax’s life. Especially Darryl.

He clenched his fists and prayed with all his heart. Although the chances of Dax living were slim, he could feel that Nancy and Old Master Sanders did not blame him. In particular, Old Master Sanders was a family man who always kept his word. He had influenced Dax since he was young. Even Nancy became influenced after being married to Dax for so many years.

Yet the more understanding they were, the more guilty Darryl felt. If it was not for him, Dax would not have been stabbed for no reason! If Dax actually died, Darryl would never forgive himself.

After a long suspense, the door finally opened. The doctor walked out with a tired look on his face.

Everyone surrounded him in an instant. “Doctor, how’s Dax?” Darryl cried out.

Old Master Sanders added swiftly, “Is my grandson, okay?”

Dax was his only grandson.

‘My grandson survived last time, so he has to survive this time, too. He will…’ Old Master Sanders thought.