The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 36

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 36 – Charles desperately stopped her, “No, that’s not necessary. I will handle it.”

At the same time, a layer of cold sweat washed over him.

He was the President of Platinum Corporation and Phoebe was Lily’s best friend. How could you not know that? You sounded so mean when you spoke to him.

“Fine then, I won’t interfere. Once your relationship with Lily is settled, don’t forget to buy me dinner!” Phoebe kept her cellphone, bid farewell to Charles with a smile, turned around and left.

At that moment, Phoebe did not notice how awkward the smile was on Charles’ face.

“President Darby, about the contract…” Charles smiled as he went back into the office.

Darryl said bluntly, “Sign it! “ He added, “Before you sign this, there is one thing you need to understand. I don’t care how Lily and you met, but you should know what to do in the future by heart.”

Charles quickly said, “I understand, I understand. I promise, Lilybud and I…, no, no. Miss Lyndon and I will keep a distance.”

Darryl agreed and said, “Alright, there’s nothing else then. Let me remind you, in the future, don’t think too highly of yourself otherwise you will be easily embarrassed.”

Charles agreed hastily, “Yes, yes!”

Reflecting on his own behavior earlier, Charles said sincerely, “President Darby wanted to get a car just now. To show my sincerity and to apologize, let me present President Darby with a car outside. How about that?”

“Really? I will take it then.”

It was a free car, so of course, he would take it.

Charles was trying to impress as he said, “You are most welcome, President Darby. We’re partners now, so what does one car cost? After the contract signing is done, please choose which model you would like.”

In a moment, the contract signing was complete. Darryl walked out of the office, followed by Charles. He pointed to a white R8 in the middle of the showroom and said, “This model looks alright. I’ll get this one.”

Charles’ stomach twisted at that moment. An Audi R8 was 1 million bucks!

“What’s wrong? Are you regretting it?” Darryl joked, looking at Charles’ face, as if he was constipated.

Charles quickly shook his head and said, “No, no… I was thinking that it was a great choice, President Darby. This R8 is a perfect match for you.”

Immediately, Charles instructed his man to prepare the necessary documentation for Darryl. His face was full of smiles, but his heart was bleeding.

Thirty minutes later, Darryl casually drove off in the R8, leaving the Audi headquarters.

At that moment, looking at Charles presenting an R8 to Darryl in such a respectful manner, all the workers at the centre were puzzled and did not understand the situation.

Phoebe especially was shocked and lost for words. Was Manager Luke out of his mind?

Looking at the complicated expression on Charles face, she dared not asked anything.

On Darryl’s end, after settling the collaboration with the Audi Corporation, Darryl had nothing much left to do. The next day, he gave Lily a call.

Knowing that Darryl was returning, Lily was on cloud nine. She waited at home instead of going to the office.

In the dining hall, Samantha was sitting on the sofa in her pajamas and wet hair, after her shower.

As a matter of fact, she looked even more s**y and elegant after her shower.

Samantha said, “That useless man, why do you let him return? You refused to tell me how it went yesterday when you met Charles. What are you thinking?”

Lily replied subtly, “Mum, I do not wish to divorce at the moment.”

“What’s good being with this useless one? The only thing was that two days he offered to switch places as a hostage and that made you feel touched?

Samantha slammed the table angrily and said, “I tell you, Lilybud, do not let yourself feel touched over just a small matter. Think about it. Are you happy during these three years of marriage? No matter what, I will not be satisfied with Darryl. The son-in-laws of other families, all have net worth of a few million, as compared to this useless one!”

In the middle of the conversation, noises could be heard from outside. Samantha looked out naturally and she shivered at what she saw.

A brand-new white Audi sports car was driving slowly in.

The most shocking sight was the person who stepped out from the car.

This body was one she would never forget. This person dressed cheaply is… is the useless man, Darryl?