The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 354

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 354 – Everyone was in shock. Darryl frowned as he knew it was not going welL

“I need to clarify that a bone marrow transplant is a high-risk procedure. The donor might even lose their life during the transplant. Although this is highly imlikely, it’s still possible. Even without the apparent side effects, the donor’s immune system will be weaker after the transplant. The most important thing is that it would slow down the process of cultivation compared to others,” Shelly continued as she glanced around the ward.

After hearing what Shelly said, everyone looked at each other with a confused and terrified look.

Nobody seemed willing to donate their bone marrow. Some of them even took a few steps back.

Of course, humans were a selfish species.

Watching the change of expression on the faces of the fellow members, Darryl laughed to himself secretly. Old Master Darby had given up so much for his family. It went without saying that there would be no Darby family as you know it today if it weren’t for him. Unfortunately, everyone seemed hesitant once they heard that donating bone marrow would damage one’s immunity. Who needed these kinds of family members. Luckily, Darryl no longer had anything to do with these people. All he had to do was pay his respects to Old Master Darby and do what he had to do.

“How do I donate the bone marrow?” Darryl asked Shelly.

Grandpa had always liked Darryl, and he could not watch Grandpa d*e without trying to help him.

“Darryl, don’t panic. Not everyone can donate their bone marrow. We need to examine if the bone marrow matches with Old Master Darby’s,” Shelly explained, smiling bitterly.

With that, Shelly walked out of the ward.

’So not everyone coald donate…’ everyone thought.

In an instant, many of the members let out a sigh of relief secretly, feeling lucky.

’Please, don’t be me!’ many of them prayed in their hearts as they followed Shelly to the examination room.

The results were out within two hours.

Everyone’s eyes were glued on Shelley as she walked over with the results in her hands. They were all dripping with sweat, terrified that they could be the one with the matching bone marrow.

Shelly let out a sigh and announced, “We have checked 131 people, and only two of them were suitable to be donors.”

Hearing that, most of them let out a sigh of relief. They felt lucky that only two people were matches.

“Who are they?” Drake asked swiftly.

Shelly glanced around the room and announced, “Florian and Darryl.”

Instantly, Florian felt a loud buzzing in his ears. If he was to donate his bone marrow, how could he ever drink and party in the future? After the operation, his body would be much weaker than before which he’d have to refrain from his favorite activity between a man and woman.

The doctor might as well be asking for his life!

“Old Master Darby’s calling all of you,” a young family member yelled.

A hundred or so of them gathered around Old Master Darby.

Watching them, he sat up weakly and asked, “Who was a match?”

“Florian and Darryl.”

Hearing that, Old Master Darby smiled. Although he was over 70, he was not ready to d*e just yet. Luckily, his grandsons were matches.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

A nurse knocked on the door and entered.

“Hello, please decide on who would like to donate. We will arrange the operation for tomorrow,” she said before leaving the ward.

The ward was left with pin-drop silence. As the situation unfolded, one of them had to donate. Drake sighed and said, “Florian, prepare for the transplant tomorrow.”

Darryl had left the family, and it was very generous of him to pay a visit today. It was too much to ask for his help.

Suddenly, Old Master Darby coughed and said, “I think..Darryl should be the donor.”

Cough! Cough! Cough!

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were glued to Darryl.

Old Master Darby smiled and continued, “Darryl, the doctor already said that donating bone marrow could harm the body. Your brother, Florian, will have to take over the family business in the future. His body needs to remain healthy. So why don’t you become the donor?”