The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 353

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 353 – It was three o’clock in the afternoon when a taxi sped and pulled over at the Donghai City First Hospital. A young man rushed out of the car and marched into the hospital.

It was Darryl.

After getting the call from Drake, Darryl had mixed feelings. He was not sure whether he wanted to come. They almost k****d his father after all.

However, he thought about the likelihood of his Grandfather passing away, and he felt the need to pay him a visit. Since he was young, Grandpa had been fond of him, and Darryl could not let Grandpa down even if he did.

Upon arrival, he marched straight to the second- floor hallway. It was filled with visitors and some familiar faces that he was not in the mood to greet. Some ladies even called out when they saw Darryl.

“Didn’t this live-in son-in-law get kicked out of the Darby family?” someone asked.

Darryl was not bothered by the comments and went straight into the ward.

The moment he pushed open the door, everyone stared at him coldly.

’What was a b*****d like him doing here!? He committed such a horrible act against his sister-in- law and got kicked out of the family. Wasn’t he ashamed to show up here?’ some people thought.

If eyes could shoot bullets, Darryl would have been d**d by now, with holes all over his body.

He did not care about the stares and looks as he walked right to Old Master Darby.

“Darryl! How dare you show your face here!” Yumi shouted, blocking his way.

Darryl took a deep breath and contained his emotions. “Drake called me and asked me to come.”

“Darryl, you’re not welcomed here. Get out!” Florian scowled as he stood up.

’This dude has such thick skin to be unashamed! So what if Drake called him? Didn’t know how embarrassing his reputation has been!? He’s shameless!’ Florian thought.

Jackson stood to the side but remained silent. His face darkened to the point that an air of deep hatred exuded from his glare. Behind him, Rebecca was biting her lips as her body trembled.

Nobody thought he would actually show up. Who would have thought he could be this shameless!

Darryl scoffed at the unfriendly gaze locked on him, “I’m here to visit Grandpa, not to visit you all. What are you guys staring at?”

Darryl anticipated this on his way here. He frowned and walked to the bedside.

In that instant, he saw how pale and weak Old Master Darby looked. He felt a sharp pain in his chest. “Grandpa, I’m here to visit you.”

Old Master Darby nodded with a faint delight. He mouthed weakly, “Good…good…”

Old Master Darby did not expect him to show up. After all, he did impose the cruelest punishment on Darryl’s father. Yet he showed up anyway. He could tell that Darryl was a family man with a sincere heart.

Suddenly, Yumi walked forward and scoffed at Darryl, “Are you done? Leave if you’re done.”

‘What trash. You can’t help getting agitated looking at trash like him,’ Yumi thought.

Darryl smiled coldly and refuted, “Sure thing. It’s only been a few days, and you’ve bought the hospital? Do you own it now that you can ask anyone to leave?”

“You…” Yumi was furious as she pointed at Darryl with her face flushed red, yet she could not respond.

Meanwhile, Drake, who remained silent, could not take it anymore.

“Alright, Grandpa’s still laying in bed. Just calm down! I was the one who called Darryl and asked him to visit. After all, he was Grandpa’s favorite since he was young. Now that he’s ill, we shouldn’t bring up the past,” he sighed.

Yumi scoffed but did not speak further.

Later, Shelly Sullivan marched over in her white coat. Drake walked up to her right away and asked, “ Director Sullivan, how’s he doing?”

Everyone gathered around, including those who were waiting outside the ward. They were all concerned about Old Master Darby. He was the pillar that supported the entire family from falling apart.

Shelly let out a short sigh and announced with a serious tone, “Old Master Darby is not doing very well. Right now, the illness has spread all over his body. He needs an immediate bone marrow transplant.”

’Bone marrow transplant?’ everyone thought.