The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 351

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 351 – The next morning, Darryl was lying under the scented blanket with Monica in his arms. Any man would be jealous of a sweet scene like this.

Last night, Monica was very drunk, and she did not let him leave, so Darryl had no choice but to stay for the night. Nothing happened between them last night because Monica was drunk and Darryl was too tired. He only hugged her to sleep.


Suddenly, a loud ring on a phone woke Darryl up from his sweet dream.

‘D**n it, who would call at this hour!?’ he wondered.

Darryl opened his eyes in a blur and looked at the incoming call. In an instant, he frowned.

“D**n it, the caller’s ID ends with six sixes. Whoever’s calling is not an ordinary man,” he muttered as he picked up the phone.

Suddenly, Darryl heard a familiar voice from the “Darryl, where are you?” the voice said.

It was his uncle, Drake Darby, the patriarch of the Darby family.

Darryl’s face darkened, and in an instant, he was wide awake.

Not long ago, his father was captured by them and punished cruelly. He would never forget the b****y scene he saw. Darryl had cut off all contact with the Darby family since then, yet Drake was suddenly calling him out of the blue? What did he want?

Darryl clenched his fists as his mind was overwhelmed with the scenes of them punishing his father. Meanwhile, Monica moaned softly beside him. She was woken up by the call.

She hugged Darryl and buried her face in his chest. “Who’s calling you at this time?”

Although she was very drunk last night, she was still conscious of what she did, and she knew she asked Darryl to stay with her. At this moment, Monica was feeling embarrassed and confused.

What was wrong with her last night? Why did she have to keep Darryl here with her? She was the Cult Mistress!

Could it be that she has fallen in love with him? Meanwhile, Drake kept pestering Darryl on the phone. Darryl smiled at Monica and said, “Give me a second. I’ll go out and take this call.”

Monica nodded. Darryl then leaned forward and gave her a gentle peck on her delicate cheeks. He got off the bed with a smile.

“You…” Monica said as she blushed, feeling the lingering warmth on her cheek.

She recalled that Darryl hugged her throughout the night, and she was embarrassed by the thought of it. She had been with the Cult Master for so many years, but they had never been so close before. The feeling of being hugged in someone’s arms felt so comforting.

As the Cult Mistress of the Heaven Cult, she had been treated with the utmost respect by everyone. All these years, she was showered with all the treasures, spiritual elixirs, and pills in the world. However, she never felt this feeling before. The feeling of being snuggled in someone’s arms was the best thing she ever experienced.

Darryl put on his clothes and took out a cigarette before walking out of her room. He had not been smoking recently, but the sunrise and the scenery of the morning mist on the island was so beautiful that it felt wrong not to compliment it with a cigarette.

He sat on a stone bench and asked coldly, “What do you want?”

Since he was no longer associated with the Darby family, he did not have to show Drake any respect.

“Darryl, your grandpa is ill,” Drake answered softly, upset.

Hearing that, Darryl shivered a little. He did not like any of the Darby family members, but hearing that Grandpa was ill, he could not help feeling concerned.

“What happened?” Darryl asked.

“It’s serious. He might lose his life. Darryl, you might not be able to see him again if you don’t come to the hospital now. After all, he’s still your Grandpa,” Drake sighed, feeling anxious.