The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 350

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 350 – D**n!

Darryl let out a long relieved sigh. D**n, he had been frightened for no reason!

Meanwhile, the Cult Master took something out.

Darryl was shocked at the sight. It was a white soft armor with exquisitely designed patterns that sparkled under the lights.

It was very exquisite! This was no doubt a piece of art.

Darryl could not help asking, “Cult Master, what’s this?”

The Cult Master smiled and explained, “This is called the Celestial Silkworm Armor. It was made by one of our disciples five hundred years ago. The armor was made from silk and metal making it firm. It could shield one from most weapons and probably save your life during extreme circumstances.”

The Cult Master handed the Celestial Siikworm Armor to Darryl and said, “Keep this.”

Darryl accepted the gift with much enthusiasm and immediately put it on. The armor stuck on him like a second skin as he thanked the Cult Master with excitement. “Thank you, Cult Master.”

He gave out two pills and received the precious armor in return! He could refine more of the pills later on, but this armor was one of a kind! It was a good trade! Haha!

The Cult Master nodded. “Do good for our Heaven Cult in the future, don’t disappoint me.” He continued with a gentle smile, “Alright, it’s getting late. Go and get some rest. You need to return to Donghai City tomorrow. Don’t forget about your mission.”

“I won’t disappoint you, Cult Master,” answered Darryl.

Darryl made his way back to his room half an hour later. He was extremely excited on the way back to his room and could not wait to test out this armor by stabbing himself with a knife!

Darryl’s room was not far from Monica’s and as he walked past her door, a slight tremble washed through his body causing him to halt.

“Darryl… Darryl..”

Monica’s door was left ajar while a soft and sweet voice called out from within.

“It’s the Cult Mistress’s voice! How does she know it’s me?” Darryl muttered as he gently pushed the door open and walked into her bedroom.

Suddenly, his eyes widened with surprise.

Monica languidly reclined on her bed and was obviously drunk. She was drunk-talking with her eyes shut.

Darryl’s heart softened with warmth. Was she thinking of him even when she was drunk?

“Cult Mistress, you’re drunk Here, have some water,” said Darryl as he poured her some water.

How much did she drink to be so drunk?

Darryl handed her the water but she refused to drink. Instead, she latched into his arm to cuddle. “ Darryl, I don’t want to drink I just want you to stay and hug me to sleep…”

Under the influence of alcohol, Monica finally spilled out the truth and finally knew what she really needed.

Truthfully, she did not want to be the figure everyone looked up to. She only wanted a passionate kind of love.

Only Darryl could give this to her. Not even the Cult Master.


Stay with you?

Darryl felt so as if an electric current had gone through his nerves upon hearing that and smiled. “ Cult Mistress, you’re drunk. Do get some rest.”

He would be d**d even if he had ten extra lives if the Cult Master ever came by. No, he had to stay rational and leave right away.

However, Monica trapped him with her arms thrown around his neck and had no intentions of letting him leave. Monica looked at him charmingly and mumbled with her pouting lips, “Darryl! I won’ t allow you to leave! I won’t allow it!”

“Cult Mistress, don’t be silly. Get some rest,” said Darryl with cold sweats dripping down. However, Monica’s grip tightened after hearing his voice as her delicate face leaned on his chest and declared, “ I don’t care! You won’t leave my room tonight. You won’t!”

Darryl had no other choice but to get in the bed with her.