The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 348

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 348 – ’These were top-notch spiritual pills, where did he get them from?’ The Cult Master excitedly thought with his face being overwhelmed with pleasure and anticipation. “Haha! Brilliant! Brilliant! The Elder Master is so thoughtful!”

These two pills were the real deal!

Although Darryl was smiling, his heart was secretly hurting as he had refined these for himself later on since the ingredients to make these were too rare and precious! Were it not for those special herbs last night from Circe’s villa, he would not be able to refine these.

Regardless, he had no choice since today was the Cult Master’s birthday. Had he not shown some kind gestures toward the Cult Master today, the Cult Master might further dislike Daryl.

After gifting the pills, guests made toasts toward the Cult Master who seemed to be pleased and accepted them all as he stomached multiple glasses of drinks. Monica was pleased since it was a festive occasion today and had also drunk quite a lot. Her delicate face gradually turned flush.

After three rounds of drinking.

The Cult Master asked Monica, “Oh yeah, did you find anything from reading the volume?”

Everyone in the hall was high-ranking cultivators and halted their chopsticks when they heard the book’s name. All of them knew the volume which the Cult Master just mentioned were none other than the Supreme Mystery Scripture!

Monica shook her head, took out the volume, and softly said, “Darling Cult Master, I’ve been doing some careful reading, but I can’t find anything either.”

The Cult Master let out a sigh and frowned upon hearing that. “Sigh…the myth had mentioned that within those seven books lies a big secret. If anyone could discover it, the person will be able to rule the world. I’ve been studying for so long with no luck. I’ m surprised my smart and intelligent wife could not find anything either.”

Perhaps the myth was not real?

Everyone held their breath upon watching the Cult Master’s face being overwhelmed with disappointment.

After a while, White Tiger stood up and said with a respective tone, “Cult Master, could it be that one has to collect all seven in order to discover the secret?”

The Cult Master’s eyes glittered and nodded. Perhaps that was the reason.

Monica, who was by his side nodded. “It’s alright, my Cult Master. Now that we have three of them, I believe we’ll get hold of the fourth one soon.”

“Praise to our Cult Master, the world’s best who will gain all seven volumes!”

The disciples cried out in unison.

The Cult Master nodded with pleasure. The whole point of him mentioning these three volumes he had collected at this occasion was to show his disciples how powerful he was. After all, everyone wanted to get hold of the scripture volumes and he already had three of them!

“Cult Master.”

Darryl suddenly stood up and said out loud, “Cult Master, do you mind if I have a look at the three of them?”


Was he insane?

Suddenly, everyone in the hall looked at Darryl in confusion. Everyone knew that the Supreme Mystery Scriptures were very precious to the Cult Master.

How dared him to ask to have a look at them? Even if he was the Elder Master, he should know his place.

The Cult Master’s face darkened as his brows tightened.

‘This kid is so rude! How dared him to ask for the volumes in front of so many people?’ he thought.

Monica pulled on his arm upon watching the Cult Master’s expression change and said, “Please, don’t be mad. Darryl! What do you think you’re doing!?”

At this moment, Vermillion Peafowl could not restrain her anger any longer. “Elder Master, do you know how precious the Supreme Mystery Scripture is? Only our Cult Master is allowed to look at it. Who’re you to ask? You’ve been appointed as the Elder Master for such a short period of time and now you think you have the authority to ask?”

She was not pleased about Darryl being appointed as the Elder Master, therefore she would not let this opportunity to kick him down a notch.

Darryl faintly smiled while being unperturbed by the furious gazes and comments directed at him as he calmly explained, “Cult Master, I don’t mean to offend you in any way. I only feel that out of the three volumes, the yellow one seems a bit off. It’s likely to be a fake one.”

The red and green volumes seemed ‘ancient’ at a glance. However, the yellow one sent by the Eternal Life Palace Sect seemed to be a replica. Darryl was gifted at appraising antiques, so he could immediately tell that the yellow volume had gone through an ’aging’ process to replicate its ancient- looking appearance.