The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 347

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 347 – Heaven Cult’s island was very lively the next day!

Many cultivators traveled from afar to celebrate the Cult Master’s birthday. The Heaven Cult was a powerful cult, hence many powerful people wanted to maintain their relations with this cult.

Over a hundred tables were set up inside the main hall. All high-ranking cult members were present along with their guests as those seats were swiftly taken up.

The Dragon Throne was placed at the very center of the hall as the Cult Master looked very impressive and majestically sitting on it while the Cult Mistress sat beside him.

Monica was dressed in a faint purple long gown and exuded a sense of motherly beauty on top of her alluring and charming figure.

Darryl was appointed as the Elder Master which was the highest rank in the hall right below the Cult Master and Mistress. He was seated on the first chair below both of them.

Right below Darryl was the Four Guardian Kings.

This was the first time Darryl had seen all of them gathered together. Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Peafowl, and Black Tortoise. All four of them were great masters!

The Azure Dragon was a skinny looking middle- aged man who had a green dragon tattooed on his neck. Although he sat quietly and did not speak much, his strong aura was hard to dismiss.

The Vermillion Peafowl was a woman in her thirties which caused Darryl’s eyes to brighten the moment he laid eyes on her. She was dressed in a burgundy long dress with dark red hair which nicely complemented her alluring body and appearance. However, an air of danger lingered around her presence which made her seem dangerous to approach just like an enchanting snake.

The Guardian King who shocked Darryl the most was none other than the White Tiger. He was the one who kidnapped him to the Island last night!

‘D**n, so it was him after all? No wonder he’s so powerful!’

This was also the first time the Cult Master saw Darryl. He frowned and said to Monica, “Darling, Darryl seems to be a young man with very little strength in him. It seems to be a mistake to appoint him as the Elder Master.”

The Cult Master was cultivating when Darryl came to the Island for the first time. Monica was the one who appointed him as the Elder Master, but his cultivation and strength were way too low!

Monica smiled. “My Cult Master, Darryl is indeed not the strongest, but strength can be built since he is young. If it isn’t for him, our ten or so Oracles would not have made it back safely. That’s why I think he deserves this position.”

The Cult Master nodded and smiled. “You’re right, we don’t lack any high-ranking cultivators nowadays, but we do need more capable young men like him!”

The Four Guardian Kings were not too pleased upon hearing that. Darryl was just a young man yet his ranking was higher than all of them! This was not fair at all, but they could not say anything.

The Cult Master had every right to appoint anyone after all and nobody dared to complain.

Meanwhile, Darryl stood up and smilingly said, “ Long live, the Cult Master. Today is your special day, so I’ve specially prepared you a humble gift.” Darryl took out two elixir pills from his pocket.

Darryl knew everyone in the hall did not like him because of his high position since his strength was indeed much lower than most of them after all.

Therefore, he had to find ways to please the Cult Master. Luckily, he made extra two pills at Circe’s villa last night and they happened to be the perfect gift for the Cult Master—Mixture Pill and Blooming.

Darryl presented the two pills—one bright pink and the other one dark purple. Both of them exuded a spiritual air that tempted every cultivator in the hall.

The Cult Master became excited as he smilingly asked, “Brilliant! I’m pleased with this thoughtful gift! May I ask what pills are these?”

The Cult Master did know a thing or two about pills refinement. Though he had never seen these two pills they stood out from the rest, especially the bright pink one.

Darryl smiled and explained, “This pink pill is the Blooming Pill. Upon ingestion, it has a rebirth effect which can prolong one’s life!” He then picked up the Mixture Pill and smiled. “This is the Mixture pill, it’s a healing elixir pill that could heal severely wounded cultivators. If the energy field was injured, this pill will heal and restore the body’s energies.”

Wow! These two pills were superb!

Everyone in the hall held their breath. All of them knew the energy field was a cultivator’s body’s most fragile part. The cultivator would become an ordinary person or even lose his life if their energy field were injured!

However, this Mixture Pill could strengthen and restore the energy field!? It was unbelievably magical! In other words, having this Mixture Pill was akin to having an extra life!