The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 341

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 341 – Evelyn stumped on her feet as she scoffed, “Want me to beg you? Just keep dreaming!”


Darryl shrugged. “It doesn’t really matter, go find someone else to refine the pill then. Goodbye.”

Darryl turned and left with that. However, Circe stopped him when he almost reached the door.

“Darryl, please don’t be mad. Evelyn really needs this pill,” pleaded Circe softly.

Darryl laughed as he knew too much Yin energy would result in painful menstruation cramps and Evelyn would suffer terribly every month without the Yang Pill. Darryl was just messing with Evelyn but when he saw that she did not even speak up, he turned around and was prepared to leave.

“I-I beg you on behalf of her, is that okay?” Circe panicked as she was afraid Darryl would leave. She bit her lips and pleaded softly, “I beg you on behalf of Evelyn. P-Please, help Evelyn to refine the pill.”

Circe could never imagine herself saying that! She was usually as cold as ice, especially in front of men, yet she pleaded Daryl today.

“Circe!” Evelyn pulled on her hand before yelling at Darryl, “You! You better watch out! I don’t need your help!”

“Aww…” Darryl laughed. He found her so cute that he could not help messing with her. “Your best friend Circe has begged me. Of course, I’ll help you even if you don’t need it.”

The ladies beside them frowned in confusion.

“Circe, this dude doesn’t seem like he knows how to refine the pill. Is he lying?”

“Yeah, he would have earned a fortune selling them if he really does know how to refine those pills.

Look at him, he’s dressed in cheap clothes and doesn’t seem rich at all.”

“I know! In addition, Yang Pill’s recipe has been lost for a long time.”

The ladies gossiped among themselves.

Indeed, the Yang Pill’s recipe had been lost for a very long time such that even famous Pill Refining Masters could not make it. How could Darryl even be able to refine the pill? Who was he kidding?

Circe knew Darryl was not someone who would fool around. She just smiled at their comments and said, “Daryl, follow me.”

Darryl nodded and followed her to the second floor. She brought him into a room filled with rare herbs and ingredients.

D**n, so many ingredients? Not just any ingredients but those rare spiritual herbs!

Circe smiled. “Darryl, just grab whatever you need to refine the pill.”

Circe had taken many ingredients from her family in an attempt to help Evelyn, yet she had not been able to get hold of the recipe. Darryl started picking dozens or so ingredients out of the pile without hesitation.

The ingredients he picked were not only for the Yang pill. In fact, he picked an additional seven to eight herbs meant for other pill refinements.

Circe smiled and said to him as he got out of the room, “Darryl, feel free to find a place for the pill refinement. My friends won’t be disturbing you.” Circe went off to the swimming area after saying that.

Darryl smiled and went to the backyard. There was a pavilion in the backyard which seemed to be a good location. Darryl started refining the pill after finding a porcelain pot. He was able to focus at first, but his ears soon started picking up the ladies’ laughter from the swimming area which was annoyingly tempting and distracting!

D**n it, here he was refining pills all by himself while those gorgeous ladies were having fun in the swimming pool!

A loud ping was soon heard before three pills shot out from the pot.

Haha! Success!

Darryl grabbed the three flying pills with a proud grin on his face.