The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 339

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 339 – It was 8pm.

Donghai City truly portrayed itself as a vibrant and bustling city from being brightly illuminated.

Darryl had arrived at a villa community in the suburbs upon Circe’s invitation. This villa’s front faced mountains while its back was against a lake, its location was pretty good but a little remote.

Darryl furrowed his eyebrows as he stood in front of the villa and could not help but asked, “Circe, why did you bring me all the way here? Aren’t I supposed to help your friend refine a pill?”

Circe was extraordinarily beautiful, alluring, and mysterious tonight with her black slip dress.

Circe smiled at Darryl’s inquiry and gently replied, “ That’s because my friends are here. My best friends and I are having a gathering here today. I bought this villa just yesterday to have fun with my friends, we don’t like being disturbed that’s why it’s so remote.”


Circe bought a whole villa just to have fun with her friends.

She was a young lady from one of Kyoto’s richest families after all, so it’s natural her spending would be so lavish.

Darryl was completely dumbfounded when he stepped through the villa’s main entrance. The several girls’ playful sounds could be heard from within the villa.

This villa was furnished quite extravagantly!

Its facilities were also well-equipped with a garden as well as an outdoor swimming pool. The environment was peaceful yet was not lacking in elegance. It was not the least inferior to the Sanders Mansion.

The villa’s interior was very lively with a small party being held by the swimming pool.

A dozen or so b****i-clad  women were drinking while chatting with laughter.

Several beauties were also having fun playing and swimming in the pool.

These women were not as beautiful as Circe, but were still quite pretty!

Darryl was rather overwhelmed by the sight of so many attractive figures.

So many beauties, it was a pity Dax was not here! “Circe is here.”

At that moment, the crowd of beauties came over with a curious look on their faces upon seeing Darryl.

“Who’s this guy?”

“He looks silly and funny.”

“He’s also wearing such cheap clothes. Why would Circe have a peasant as her friend?”

These women were young ladies from prominent families and also Circe’s close friends. They were not locals from Donghai City of course.

These women knew Circe was always arrogant, classy, and had never taken an interest in any man. No man could even walk with her at night.

All the ladies were astonished at the sight of Darryl.

At that moment, Darryl’s gaze was drawn toward a particular woman. She was the most noticeable among these women with long red hair and particularly beautiful. This woman was…Evelyn Featherstone!

Darryl and Evelyn had indeed ‘met’ twice previously.

The first time was during Roger’s Auction where Evelyn’s grandfather was p******d from an elixir pill and Darryl saved him.

The second was when Darryl stole Circe’s cellphone. Evelyn made a video call that night…and had just finished bathing…

Darryl could not help but reminisce about that incident back then.

At that moment, Evelyn hastily walked up and coldly said, “Darryl, how dare you show up here?”

Evelyn flicked her wrist and pulled out a dagger as she finished her words!

Evelyn still remembered that incident clearly. She had just finished bathing and wanted to chat with Circe. Little did she know it would be Darryl at the other end of the video call.

Evelyn had never dated anyone even at her age. However, she had exposed herself to Darryl!

Never had she thought she would meet him here today of all places!

Darryl scratched his head and said, “Miss Evelyn, I believe we’re well acquainted with one another.

There’s no need to get so personal.”