The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 338

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 338 – The man handed the box over to Isabella with a smile and said, “The Chairlady mentioned that your group was the true champion of yesterday’s competition. She misjudged yesterday, please forgive her for this error. Miss Monte, please accept the champion’s reward.”

The man turned and left once he finished his words!

Isabella was immediately stunned as she stood in front of the class.

Yesterday’s results were misjudged!? The elixir pill which Daryl took over lo minutes to refine was the champion! Isabella could not help but glanced at Darryl as she felt her legs weaken. She had been a teacher for such a long time and this was the first time she felt such adoration toward a student!

The entire classroom was silent as everyone was dumbfounded!

’What’s going on!? Darryl the live-in son-in-law actually won the Elixir Competition Championship!?

Daisy and Daphne were also speechless as they looked at disbelief Darryl.

At that moment, Isabella walked on her heels toward Darryl with a joyous face. She blushed a little, bit her lip, and said, “Darryl, this is all because of you. Take this reward.”

She handed the box over to Darryl.

Isabella’s mind was still buzzing even till now.

She could not believe she won the championship. The whole scenario felt like a dream. However, this was all thanks to Darryl’s efforts which allowed her to win. Naturally, the reward should belong to him.

Darryl smiled and shook his head. “Miss Monte, you ‘re too kind. You’re the participant in the competition. How can I take this reward from you? You should keep it.”

Truth be told, Darryl had no intentions of showing off during the Elixir Competition. He would not have joined the competition on Isabella’s behalf had he not saw her fail. It did no matter to him whether he was rewarded or not.

Isabella could only smile and nod upon seeing Darryl’s persistence and returned in front of the class.

Isabella was absent-minded as she taught her lesson.

Circe turned around halfway through the lesson and softly asked, “Darryl, what pill did you refine yesterday?”

Circe did not attend the Elixir Competition as she had matters to attend. However, she heard a lot about the competition even before arriving at school today. She heard a disciple from Shaolin Sect refined the Soul Solution Pill.

Which meant the pill Darryl refined must be rarer than Soul Solution Pill.

Darryl thought for a moment and smiled. “It’s nothing much, just a simple elixir pill.”

Upon hearing his response, Circe gently asked, “ Darryl, can I ask a favor? A friend of mine wants to have an elixir pill refined.”

Darryl smiled and said, “Sure.”

Darryl felt it would be rude to reject such a beautiful lady. After all, Circe had invited him out for meals twice but he did not attend.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what pill my friend wants?” Circe asked in shock.

“I can make any pill they want,” said Darryl plainly.

The Infinite Elixir Manual recorded methods to refine over a thousand different elixir pills. Darryl could pretty much refine any pill so long it was not extremely rare.

Circe could not help but glanced at Darryl a couple more times. Everyone called him a good for nothing live-in son-in-law, but he does not seem that useless at all.

Dax was filled with admiration for Darryl and subtly directed a thumbs up toward him.

’Darryl is such a capable man. Even a beauty like Circe asked him for help,’ thought Do

Dax then looked toward Circe and said, “Circe, you can come to me as well if there’s anything else you need help with. I have great connections in Donghai City. Just let me know if anyone in Donghai City is disrespectful toward you, I’ll make sure…”

Circe smiled and interrupted Dax before he could finish his sentence. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

She immediately turned her body away. A beauty like Circe was obviously going to act arrogant and superior.


Dax scratched his head while feeling dejected and softly whispered to himself, “Sigh, she so simply rejected me. She’s truly a femme fatale.”

“Dax Sanders, shut your mouth.” At that moment, Isabella stared at Dax with furrowed eyebrows.

However, Isabella’s eyes showed a gentle expression when it landed on Darryl.