The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 335

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 335 – Ophelia smiled upon hearing Darryl’s words and said, “How would you know the Heavenly Restoration Pill that you refined did not fail?”

Darryl smiled plainly and confidently replied, “I’ve never failed at refining pills.”

It would be hard to fail with a magnificent book such as the Infinite Elixir Manual!

Ophelia nodded her head. “You’re an interesting kid with such confidence. You should know that ever since I became the Chairlady of Jiangnan Elixir Association, none dared to reject me as you did.

Even Pill Refining Masters and the Six Sects Elders were respectful to me, yet you dare reject my invitation to the Elixir Association?”

Darryl laughed without saying a word as he found her arrogance amusing.

’You look barely older than me and yet you’re calling me a kid?’ Darryl thought.

At that moment, Ophelia suddenly smiled and slowly said, “Kid, the truth is the pill that you refined is indeed the real deal. You didn’t fail at refining the pill.”


Darryl furrowed his eyebrows.

’D**n, what’s going on? I obviously succeeded so why did you say I failed just now? Is something shady going on?’ Darryl thought.

Ophelia saw that Darryl was filled with anger and continued explaining, “I understand you must be really dissatisfied with the outcome, but I did so for your own good. Think about it, what will happen had I publicly announced the Heavenly Restoration Pill you refined is indeed genuine?”

What would happen?

Darryl smiled lightly and unhesitatingly replied, “ What would happen is that Miss Monte would be crowned champion.”

Ophelia shook her head. “Do you know why I called you a kid? It’s because you’re immature. You should know many prominent families’ members came to watch today’s competition and among them are those rich and powerful kids who for various reasons are unable to cultivate. If they knew you could refine the Heavenly Restoration Pill that would allow them to cultivate, don’t you think they will capture and force you to refine pills for them?”


Darryl calmed down upon hearing her words. He felt a little anxious after some consideration.

Ophelia was right. Darryl would be in danger had the truth of him being able to refine the Heavenly Restoration Pill was revealed during the competition.

They would do everything they could to get their hands on the Heavenly Restoration Pill from Darryl.

Darryl could not help but take a look at Ophelia.

She was truly mature despite being barely older than him. She had properly considered her thoughts and actions.

Ophelia continued, “There’s another reason. This Elixir Competition is organized by the Six Sects. You’re just a mere Elixir Assistant and not even any of the Six Sects’ disciples. Where will their reputation be had you refined the best pill? That’s why I could not publicly announce you and Isabella as the champion. Don’t worry, I’ll have the Elixir Association send a reward to Isabella according to the standard of a champion once the competition is over.”

Ophelia was filled with admiration for Darryl. He was an absolutely talented man for being able to attract three Elixir Clouds at such a young age.

However, she was not aware that Darryl could not only attract Elixir Clouds but also easily attract thunder and lightning during pill refinement. The condition was he needed enough time and ingredients!

Darryl shrugged his shoulders and said, “Fine, contact Miss Monte once everything is over and issue her reward.”

Ophelia gently nodded her head and smiled. “In all honesty kid, you’re truly a pill refining genius. Are you interested in being my apprentice?”

Being her apprentice?

Darryl could not help but laugh and decisively shook his head. “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.” He left backstage as soon as he finished his words.

Darryl was utterly speechless when he thought back to what had happened during the competition on his journey home.

D**n, today was such a mess.

First, it was Abbess Mother Serendipity who wanted to k**l Darryl because of a rumor she heard somewhere.

He then managed to refine the Heavenly Restoration Pill which would clearly help Isabella become the champion but Ophelia said that it could not be announced in the end.

The most amusing of all was that Ophelia even wanted Darryl to be her apprentice.

What elixir pill could he not refine with the Infinite Elixir Manual such that he needed Ophelia to be his mentor?

The time was 8pm.

Darryl sat on the sofa after dinner and watched some television with Lily.

Holding his wife while watching television was such a wonderful thing to do after a long and hard day. The matter which made him happiest was Caelan’s phone call before going to bed.