The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 332

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 332 – The fact that Darryl attracted three Elixir Clouds truly shocked the judges.

However, the judges felt the Heavenly Restoration Pill Darryl refined did not match what was described in their records upon careful examination.

Master Reed and the remaining judges had their speculations further reinforced after hearing Ophelia’s explanation.

After much consideration, they believed it was not possible for a mere Elixir Assistant to refine such an exquisite pill like the Heavenly Restoration Pill.

It was utterly impossible!

Darryl secretly frowned  without saying a word.

It was impossible for him to fail! The refinement method for Heavenly Restoration Pill was clearly recorded in the Infinite Elixir Manual and Darryl correctly completed each step.

Isabella thought she was going to be champion this time, but she was thoroughly disappointed upon hearing Ophelia’s words.

How could the Heavenly Restoration Pill’s refinement fail?

Isabella was immensely depressed. She was on cloud nine just moments ago and before being brought back to earth.

The crowd below the stage burst into laughter as well!

The refinement failed even after all that!

Kent laughed uncontrollably and said to Megan, “Look, it’s like I’ve said. How’s it possible for this live-in son-in-law to know pill refinement? He’s just pretending and now his whole act has failed, haha!”

Kent was shocked earlier and truly thought Darryl had the capabilities to refine such a rare pill.

It was just a false alarm.

Kent was tremendously relieved at that moment as he stared toward Ophelia onstage who became increasingly pleasing to his eyes. It was no surprise she was the Chairlady of Jiangnan Elixir Association with those truly sharp eyes of hers.

Ophelia eventually placed the Heavenly Restoration Pill on the table and returned to her seat before evaluating the elixir pills of other contestants with the panel judges.

The results were decided after l0 minutes.

The host excitedly said, “Alright, settle down everyone. The competition has ended! Let’s give a warm round of applause to the Jiangnan Elixir Association Chairlady, Ophelia Lane as she announces the competition’s results.”


The audience was exhilarated!

Ophelia stood up and walked toward the battle stage center amidst the crowd’s eager applause.

She was a beauty after all.

The men’s gazes instantly fixed upon Ophelia as they were yet again in awe with her flawless figure and alluring appearance.

Darryl’s pill refinement failure was merely a passing wave for the audience.

Admiring beauties were more enjoyable than watching an Elixir Assistant’s failure.

Ophelia took a look around and gently said, “I hereby announce the champion of today’s Elixir Competition is Chuck Deed from Shaolin Sect.”


The entire Neptune Square erupted in applause once again upon hearing the announcement!

Ophelia smiled and continued, “The second runner up is Sally Cooper from Xiaoyao Sect.”

Darryl was utterly speechless.

‘This is so f*cking strange, I’ve never failed at refining pills! Ever since I’ve gotten the Infinite Elixir Manual, every pill refinement I did is successful. I’ve even attracted the Elixir Clouds, how could I still fail? That’s not possible. Could it be that Ophelia is mistaken?’

A barrage of questions bombarded Darryl’s mind as he noticed Isabella was saddened by the matter. He gave her a bitter smile and said, “I’m sorry, Miss Monte…”

Isabella barely managed to force a smile and shook her head. “It’s fine, I don’t blame you.”

However, her voice still carried great disappointment.