The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 330

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 330 – Who would not want to have eternal youth and beauty? The Timeless Beauty Pill could freeze one’s youth. All the ladies desperately wanted that pill.

“Look! Look at the sky!” someone shouted. Everyone quickly looked up at the sky.

Dark clouds had formed above a contestant’s head. It was Chuck from the Shaolin family, and it was an Elixir Cloud!

The elixir that Chuck produced had attracted the Elixir Cloud.

Everyone started to talk about that!

Cultivation was against nature’s rule, and elixirs were against G*d’s will. So, if one produced an extremely rare elixir, it would attract nature’s phenomena.

The Elixir Cloud was one of nature’s phenomena. Extremely rare and powerful elixir might attract thunders too, and the most extreme ones might even cause natural disasters!

Everyone looked at Chuck; they were all speechless as they were still in shock.

Only the highest-level master could produce an elixir that would attract the Elixir Cloud.

There were many great talents in that year’s Elixir Competition; the judges were amazed too.

The happiest person, of course, was Master Reed from the Shaolin family. Chuck was the most talented person in their family’s younger generation. He also had excellent skills in elixir production. Chuck certainly did not disappoint him in the competition.


Chuck’s cauldron vibrated before it released a loud sound.

Chuck lifted a pure white elixir from the pot. The elixir had a layer of air around it, and it looked so lively.

The host took a careful look at the elixir and said,” Chuck, please tell us; what is this?”

Chuck smiled. “This is the Soul Solution Pill. It can improve one’s cultivation and calm one’s soul; it can also prevent any evil intention.”

The judges nodded. The journey of cultivation was a tough one. It was tough to upgrade one’s level once one had reached the Martial Marquis level. Apart from the need for self-realization, one also needed to prevent any evil intention from overtaking their minds. So, the Soul Solution Pill was a treasure to all the cultivators.

Everyone was amazed by Chuck.

It looked like Chuck was the winner of the competition. One must be very talented and skillful to attract the Elixir Cloud.

Isabella felt very sad when she saw the Elixir Cloud. It seemed like she had no chance to be one of the top three winners in the competition.

There were only two minutes left. Darryl’s cauldron was still boiling; the elixir was not completed yet. However, Darryl was not worried, not even when he saw the Elixir Cloud.

The Infinite Elixir Manual did record some elixirs that could attract natural phenomena. When Darryl produced the Godly Pill, it did not draw the Elixir Cloud, even though it was an extremely rare one. He wondered about the reason for that too.

Darryl finally figured it out after he had read the Infinite Elixir Manual thoroughly. The Godly Pill was an upper-medium level elixir. It was only an enhancer pill, which could help the cultivator to break through a level. Other than that, it had no other useful effect.

It would not be able to improve the cultivator’s skills or strength; it could only help them break through a level. Such an elixir would not attract a natural phenomenon.

“Final minute! ” the host announced. Everyone’s focus was on Darryl.

Kent pointed at Darryl and laughed. “Everyone had completed their elixir, and only that guy is still battling with the pot. Darryl, what are you doing? Are you just trying to be funny?” He laughed.

The crowd laughed with him too. That live-in son- in-law was a joke.

“Kent! Can you stop humiliating Darryl?” Megan was furious. She scolded as she pulled him.

How could he humiliate Darryl? The man had produced an elixir that saved Nancy’s life during the last outing. Even though he did not have top skills, he dared to step up to the task. His courage deserved to be complimented.

“Look! What is that in the sky?” someone shouted. Everyone looked up as they quieted down.

Three fiery red clouds had gathered in the sky, directly on top of Darryl.

Those were three Elixir Clouds?