The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 318

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 318 – Denise blushed; she was shocked when she heard that. Then she saw the jewelry store manager rush toward them. Denise immediately shouted, “Come quickly; is this the necklace you lost?”

Denise hurried forward and handed the gift box to the store manager. “Take a look. Does this necklace belong to your shop?” She turned and pointed at Darryl, “He had stolen it.”

Stole? The store manager seemed puzzled and did not know what to do.

Denise laughed loudly. ‘The store manager came running for the necklace. Now all the evidence is here. Let’s see how he explains himself! A 60- million-buck necklace is enough to put him in j**l for the rest of his life!’ Denise thought.

“Sir,” The store manager said politely as he handed the gift box back to Darryl. She bowed at him. “Sir, I forgot to inform you that with your high spending in our store, you are immediately upgraded to a Privileged Member. Would you mind leaving your number with us so that we can process the membership for you? Also, you forgot the receipt for your purchase.”

What? A receipt for a purchase? He purchased the necklace?

The crowd was silent. They could not believe what had happened.

A 60-million-buck purchase; that guy must be rich!

Denise blushed as she stood there. ‘That’s impossible! How can a cell phone thief afford a 60- million-buck necklace!’ she thought.

Denise was skeptical about what had happened. She stepped forward to take a look at the receipt. She was stunned.

The receipt showed the price of the necklace; Darryl had indeed bought the necklace!

Everyone looked at Denise. Was something wrong with her? Why did she yell theft when Darryl had bought the necklace? She must be a crazy woman.

“I won’t need the membership.” Darryl grabbed Lily ‘s hand and said, “Dear, let’s go.”

There was no point in staying as the truth was out. After he took a few steps, Darryl stopped and turned toward Denise, “Oh, right. Let me tell you one thing.

Everyone was curious about what Darryl had to say.

Darryl laughed and said to Denise, “There are only 10 pairs of The Worship of Crystal in the world. The serial numbers are engraved at the heels. Even though the three of you are wearing a pair, I know for a fact that only the shoes on my wife and Miss Young are genuine. The ones on your feet are fake. Given the poor reproduction quality, it must have only cost you 10000 bucks.”

Darryl turned and left after that!

Wow! Everyone started to point at Denise as they laughed.

Denise felt so ashamed. She did not expect Lincoln would give her a pair of fake shoes! He had sworn that they were genuine when he gave them to her!

Lincoln smiled awkwardly as he looked at everyone laughing at his wife. “Dear, I am sorry. The shoes were indeed imitations, but I swear I didn’t get them for too bucks. I paid more than 10,000 bucks for them.”

“Get lost!”