The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 317

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 317 – A lady suddenly appeared amongst the crowd. “He’s not a thief,” the lady said gently.

It was Yvonne Young.

She was at the mall to look for lipstick. She did not expect to bump into Darryl.

Darryl was shocked to see her, as well. She looked even more attractive, and he had not seen her for about two days.

She was dressed in a formal suit. The attire showed off her perfect figure, and she also wore a pair of The Worship of Crystal. Darryl had bought them for her at Roger’s Auction.

Yvonne’s appearance had attracted the attention of the men in the crowd.

A man followed beside Yvonne. He was dressed neatly in a suit and a pair of black-frame glasses; he looked smart.

Yvonne stepped forward and pointed to the man beside her to introduce him to Darryl. “Darryl, this is Matt Taylor.”

Yvonne was pretty upset that day. Her father had decided to introduce men to her; from rich heirs to successful businessmen, he had not stopped his efforts.

As Yvonne had always had her heart set on Darryl, so she felt so annoyed.

Just two days before that, her father had introduced Matt to her. He introduced Matt as the apprentice of the famous antique appraiser, Simon Joe. He had excellent appraiser skills.

That morning, her father had pressured Yvonne to meet Matt, and so she had agreed. After she chatted with Matt, she realized that he had a good personality and was very polite, too.

They saw a crowd as they walked by, and so they stopped to take a look. She did not expect to see Darryl there, and someone had accused him of theft.

Denise shouted, “You are brave for a live-in son-in- law. Say all you want to other people; you shall spend the rest of your life in j**l.”

Denise laughed coldly. She was furious when she saw the pair of The Worship of Crystal on Yvonne’s feet.

Why were there so many fake The Worship of Crystals?

How could so many women wear them?

Yvonne looked at Denise and said, “You must be mistaken. Darryl would never steal anything.”

Darryl had spent loo million bucks to bid for The Worship of Crystal that Yvonne had worn on her feet. How could he be a thief? What a joke!

Denise looked at Yvonne and said, “You may say he is not a thief, but he is one. This necklace costs 6o million bucks. How could a live-in son-in-law like him afford something like that? How would he get it if he did not steal it?”

Yvonne smiled. “I trust that he would never steal anything. I can guarantee that personally.”

Denise laughed when she heard Yvonne’s reply. “Your personal guarantee? Who do you think you are? You might even be wearing a pair of fake The Worship of Crystal. Stop acting as if you’re someone important.”

The crowd stared at them.

Yvonne sighed before she said, “I am Yvonne Young; my family owns the Pearl Pavilion.


She was the Young family’s eldest daughter?

Everyone was surprised when Yvonne said that.

The Young family was famous in Donghai City! They had been in the antique business for generations. The upper society loved to get antiques as gifts; hence the Young family had a great network.